20 July 2010

Unemployed About To Get Relief, Brit PM Visit, Fox Lies About Govt Official - News Headlines 20 July 2010

*** Check out Brit's PM remarks offering odious BP cover and meet the new Senate replacement for West Virginia's Byrd whose first vote broke the Republican filibuster.

From Denny: With the new temporary Senate replacement from West Virginia voting, Carte Goodwin, finally the Democrats broke the Republican filibuster on the unemployment benefits extension. Yet the story is still not finished. More voting on the way, though now the Democrats have their 60 votes to prevent another filibuster.

Still, these poor folks who are growing increasingly desperate wait another few weeks even if the vote is decided this week. Why? It will take that long for the states to parcel out the checks - which could take anywhere from two to four weeks to do. The unemployment benefits have already been held up for two months now; another month is unconscionable.

Unemployment Filibuster Broken

Britain's New Prime Minister Visits America

Britain's new Prime Minister, David Cameron, was visiting here to try and downplay the obnoxious bad behavior of British Petroleum in our country by acknowledging our collective national anger. He should have stopped at that sentence. Attempting to separate two explosive political stories was simply not wise. Sometimes, the less said the better.

Trying to give BP cover was not his best move. Cameron comes across as a decent guy with the right intent so I'll give him a pass for now since he is so new on the job. He would do well to watch the tapes of his speech and then read the American bloggers to gauge our reactions. BP is a despicable corporate culture of which nothing has been done to change it. PM Cameron would do well to turn his attention to his own countrymen than try to assuage American anger.

British PM says he understands the anger 'across America' for BP

Obama, British PM: Bomber Release Not BP's Doing
Obama, Britain's Cameron condemn Lockerbie bomber release, say it wasn't their doing or BP's

BP Oil Spill doings in the Gulf

Everyone here in the Gulf is waiting to find out more about those leaking wells that supposedly are not the Deepwater Horizon well. Who cares which well? After all, there are 29,000 aging temporarily capped wells in the Gulf right now. If it's leaking then it's leaking. The question is just how much it is leaking? If it's minimal then the ocean can deal with it but if not...

Is experimental cap making disaster worse?

Feds Tamp Down Fears Leaks Mean BP Well Unstable
Feds tamp down fears leaky well cap, nearby seepage mean BP's blown out well is unstable

Here's a real shocker for you: South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsay Graham actually voted FOR Elena Kagan and with the Democrats to advance her nomination to a vote. Guess he felt guilty - or didn't like the bad press the bloggers like me gave him for his nasty attitude and caustic anti-Semitic remarks toward her during the hearings - so he reversed and did right by her after all. Well, what can I say? When a person decides to quit being a jerk and do right you have to stand up and applaud them. There is nothing like watching someone who recognizes they did not give their best of heart to a situation and then chooses to live better.

Graham joins panel's Dems to approve Kagan

Boy, the Democrats stepped right into this fool's errand. I would have expected better from former Gov. Vilsack. What was he thinking? He should have been wiser than this. You don't just call up one of your accused officials, order her to the side of the road as she was driving, and tell her she is fired. It's bad judgment.

First of all, there should have been a cooling off period so you could verify the charges and check out the character of the folks making the charges. This is what is so bad about the older generation in government who are not technology savvy enough to realize this whole mess could have been Photoshop edited. Duh.

While it's great the White House wants to be seen as intolerant of racism whichever way it goes and wants to be seen as on top of things, this was not a wise response. Rather it was a fearful angry knee jerk response.

Had I been in his position, the first thing I would have done would be to place her on administrative leave for 7 to 10 days while I investigated the charges and the character of the accusers. Once I realized Fox News, aka Liars News, was involved it would have been case closed. You have only to watch the recent news stories of how Republican strategist and villain Karl Rove has been sneaking around, doing his usual character assassination, to know he was involved.

This was handled badly and a woman's reputation impugned. She has good reason to be angry and demanding an apology. Yet again it looks like President Obama has to play referee and parent to lay down what should be obvious rules of how you go about dealing with a situation. She deserves a heartfelt apology and reinstatement.

Video Taken Out of Context? Ousted USDA Official Denies Racism

NAACP 'snookered' over video of former USDA employee

Details of Chelsea Clinton’s hush-hush wedding start to leak

Sudan: State Brutality and Intimidation of Political Critics on a Long List of Problems

China Surpasses US as World's Top Energy Consumer
China surpasses US as the world's biggest energy consumer, International Energy Agency says

Expert: Tea Party split a distraction but will fade

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