12 July 2010

Roundup of Late Night Funnies - 12 July 2010

*** Check out irreverent Colbert and his take on Glenn Beck, the latest funny cartoons, the late night comics who were not in reruns.

From Denny: Most of the late night shows were in reruns this week. The jokes still go on and the cartoonists still are lampooning life, the Republicans and the world. Enjoy your work week!

Funny Videos this week:

Funny Video: Colbert Mocks Republican Men Hairstyles

Colbert: Rent a White Guy in China For Business Meeting Prestige

Funny Video: Colbert Rips Glenn Beck For His "Wildly Important" Work

Strange Brew

Jeff Stahler

From Jay Leno:

You people are so lucky you live in California. This heat wave back east is just unbelievable. … It was so hot in Washington, Nancy Pelosi skipped the Botox, had her face injected with frozen yogurt.

Vice President Joe Biden made a surprise visit to Iraq on July 4. It was a surprise because Biden thought he was going to Des Moines for a fund-raiser.

While Vice President Biden was away, Republican Chairman Michael Steele was forced to take over the job of saying embarrassing things you have to apologize for later.

You hear about this? Michael Steele said that — well, he's in trouble, actually — for saying the war in Afghanistan was Obama's war, and it was unwinnable. In fact, Steele felt so sorry for it, he said today he went to his favorite bondage nightclub, demanded to be spanked.

Well, there was talk the Democrats are going to try and pass an immigration bill this year, but it looks like that's not going to happen. It's kind of ironic. The only place that has an immigration plan is Mexico, and their plan is to immigrate here.

The East Coast is suffering from a terrible heat wave. Wall Street bankers are jumping out of windows just for the cool breeze on the way down.

Jeff Stahler

Queen Elizabeth is visiting New York City for the first time since 1976. I understand she's trying to help them recruit LeBron James.

Back in 1776, Americans were fighting to escape British rule, these days we're fighting to escape British oil.

They say traces of BP's oil has started turning up in disturbing places, like congressmen's pockets.

Iran has banned the mullet. Today, the state of Kentucky broke off all diplomatic relations with Iran.

Jeff Stahler

Steve Benson

From David Letterman:

Sunday is July 4, when America combines our two favorite pastimes: alcohol and explosives.

The fireworks are beautiful to look at, but more importantly, they drown out the gunfire.

You know what is in the theaters right now is another movie in the 'Twilight' saga. Everybody has got 'Twilight' fever. Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska, was in a helicopter, shooting werewolves.

But all across the country, it was iPhone mania. Thousands and thousands of people lined up for the new iPhone. Meanwhile, out in Arizona, John McCain was on line for a pay phone."

Steve Benson

Rob Rogers

Rob Rogers

From Jimmy Kimmel:

July 4 is my favorite holiday. No presents, no church, just a lighter and a trunk full of explosives.

Here's a fireworks safety tip. Don't get drunk and leave bottle rockets on the grill unless you want to see your hot dogs fly, which is fun too.

For the second day, there were no World Cup games. I missed the sound of vuvuzelas so much that I taped a beehive to my head.

Larry King is leaving 'Larry King Live' this fall and the truth is, no one can really fill his shoes — if he even wears shoes. I've never seen his feet, I don't know.

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