22 July 2016

Freaky Friday: Comic Jimmy Fallon Mocks Donald Trump GOP Convention Entrance

From Denny:  Donald Trump should have figured it out by now that the only guys who can out showbiz him are the comedians.  Jimmy Fallon never disappoints, irreverent as always and spot on accurate.

Just in case any of our fellow Americans living overseas missed this funny because you are living in a country of heavy censorship, I'm putting this one up for you.  (So far, none of my blogs have landed on a censorship list in some foreign country because I'm too small to notice. ) For all the rest of us, it's good to laugh yet again even if you have seen this clip a hundred times.  It just possesses that lasting quality.

Donald Trump really is just too full of himself.  It's like he has appointed himself dictator, but more on that later about what has been popping up in the news that could be prove quite chilling if he were actually elected and propelled into the White House.

Meanwhile, let's just get a well deserved laugh on Freaky Friday here because Donald Trump really does fly his Freak Flag a little too often.  But the Comedy Gods are keeping him somewhat humble.  Check out Jimmy Fallon's rendition.

And, at my more serious blog, A Truth Journal, check out the latest post about the bizarre doings at the 2016 Republican convention, sure to bring a chuckle as you realize the Republicans eat their own.

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