12 July 2010

Colbert: Rent a White Guy in China For Business Meeting Prestige

*** Colbert: Chinese businesses rent white people for their meetings for prestige in the market place.

From Denny: Colbert chided China for their recent purchasing of the one thing America has plenty of - no, not back fat he says, but rather China has been purchasing plenty of guys like Colbert. White people. That's right. White people are a popular item to purchase in Chinese business for appearances in meetings. You see, it shows prestige, sort of like owning a $30,000 dog or something. They call it the "white guy in tie" plan or "face job." This is true as it was reported in the news this week at CNN.

Colbert: 'Back To You, Rick Sanchez' Is The Hardest Thing To Say On CNN Without Laughing

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