29 June 2011

Funny Colbert Mocks Afghan War Drawdown: Nation Building

From Denny: Only Colbert could satirize the uninspiring truth about the Afghan War. President Obama addresses the nation from the East Room, renamed by Colbert as the "I Killed Bin Laden Room."

As Obama suggested we spend more time nation building right here in America it was Colbert that was outraged at the audacity of it all. "Who wants to get sucked into another quagmire?"

It's a country with a crumbling infrastructure (flash a photo of collapsed American bridges due to a lack of funds for maintenance), a barely functioning democracy (flash a photo of America's political leaders), large areas completely beyond the government's control (flash a photo of the state of Texas) and with a population of poorly educated and armed religious extremists who hate their government(flash a photo of Sarah Palin).

"And there's the stomach-churning human rights abuses (flash a photo of Donald Trump and The Celebrity Apprentice)." Colbert strongly advises Obama to reconsider nation building right here in America because "if you break it, you bought it."

28 June 2011

Dennys Funny Quotes: Funny Jon Stewart On Happy Gays, NYC Gay Pride Parade

Dennys Funny Quotes: Funny Jon Stewart On Happy Gays, NYC Gay Pride Parade: "From Denny: It's been the talk of the news stations all over America this week. New York legalized marriage for same sex couples. It is a major civil rights victory. Though, I predict, that once they get accustomed to having the right to marry they will do just like everyone else: get divorced.

But, as Jon Stewart tells it, 'it set gay and lesbian couples free from having to set foot in Connecticut' (to get married).

Of course, to hear conservatives tell it, this is now the end of society as we know it. Does this sound as silly to you as it does me? Why would someone else getting married affect whether I choose to get married or stay married?

Meanwhile, the real reason for giving a group of folks their civil rights surfaced. New York state will realize $184 million in revenue over the next three years.

Of course, what will really be interesting to watch over the next decade is just how much the gay population may decline. After all, if society soon legalizes all that is wicked, rebellious or taboo just how interesting will being gay continue to be? Gay and married may become the new boring. * * * 2 funny videos from Jon."

Funny Jon Stewart Mocks Twisted Misinformation From Fox News

From Denny: Jon Stewart really rips into Fox News and Chris Wallace about how they present their idea of the truth. Their thinking is so confused and perverted it boggles the minds of clear thinkers.

What Fox News purports is that Jon Stewart is a partisan Democrat who likes to make fun of conservatives. They believe he makes fun of some liberals and Obama in order to maintain his credibility he is unbiased and fair. Hunh???

From Jon Stewart: "That narrative of conservative victimization is the true genius of what Fox News has accomplished. Any editorial judgment in news, or schools or movies that doesn't favor the conservative view is elitism and is evidence of liberal bias.

"Whereas any editorial judgment that favors the conservative view is merely evidence of fairness and done to protect them from liberal bias. And, if you criticize Fox for this game, guess what that's evidence of: how right they are about how they are so persecuted. That argument is air tighter than an otter's anus."

27 June 2011

Poems From A Spiritual Heart: It Isnt In Me

Poems From A Spiritual Heart: It Isnt In Me: "'Love is how we all win'

How to define someone by what they are not. Pivotal moment can prompt you to write

From Denny: I’ve always worked from the inside out. Yet in the West, and especially in America, our culture tends to work from the outside, ignoring the 'inside self' the majority of the time. And we wonder why America is a drug-plagued society with so much emotional and spiritual pain? There isn’t enough loving going around: yourself - as well as the stranger standing next to you!

You can love yourself without resorting to selfishness, stinginess or self-absorption. Just take good care of yourself as much as you would someone you value highly. Your world will improve dramatically when you adopt this philosophy."

Dennys Global Politics: Egypt: Humiliating Virginity Tests Performed On Female Protesters

Female protester in Tahrir Square, photo by MAHMUD HAMS

Dennys Global Politics: Egypt: Humiliating Virginity Tests Performed On Female Protesters: "From Denny: It turns out the Egyptian peoples' hope that the Egyptian Army would be an honest and respectful government broker is an illusion as this country transitions to a democracy Middle Eastern style.

Early on as the protesters agreed to talks with the Egyptian Army to take over as a transitional government it was the protesters who sidelined women and women's rights. That's when they lost this blogger as an advocate for I saw it as just more of the same cultural garbage women are expected to tolerate, especially in the Middle East.

Now more ugly news out of the Arab world. Is it any surprise that women are yet again treated to more degrading acts of cruelty and humiliation? I am very disappointed in this protest movement. What good is freedom if you hold captive over half of your population, declaring them unfit for leadership or the rights to make their own decisions?"

The Soul Calendar: Wave Goodbye As Asteroid 2011 MD Closely Sails By Earth

The Soul Calendar: Wave Goodbye As Asteroid 2011 MD Closely Sails By Earth: "From Denny:  Astronomers just found out about this asteroid coming into our neighborhood for a drive by. It's called 2011 MD and will pass within 7500 miles of our planet today. Astronomers figure the asteroid is between 16 to 35 feet wide.

To give you a perspective, this asteroid will pass closer to Earth than our own GPS satellites. From the Planetary Science Institute check out these incredible animations explaining the geometry of this encounter.

The good news is that this asteroid will avoid a collision with planet Earth though it certainly will be a nail-biting close call. Astronomers seem to believe that even if it did come close it would burn up in the atmosphere on its descent. So, spread the word: humanity is not doomed to the fate of the dinosaurs, at least not this week. :)  Check out the video:"

26 June 2011

Visual Insights: Music: Rapper Talib Kweli Performs Cold Rain, Get By on Colbert

Visual Insights: Music: Rapper Talib Kweli Performs Cold Rain, Get By on Colbert: "What I like about this group is they have created a more musically and mentally interesting version of hip hop and rap by adding the jazz vibe that winds through the music tying it all together."

Roundup of Late Nite Jokes: 2012 Election Politics

From Denny:While the nation laughs at the GOP contenders trolling across the nation for dollars and votes the comedians are out in full force making us laugh harder. First, there is the Sarah Palin "We The People" Bus Tour across America to show her patriotism.

Forget it the historic facts were spewed out wrong. Just keep rolling that bus while you collect wads of cash to stuff into your greedy pockets. It's amazing anyone gives her money as she promises illogical things and delivers air promises.  When the press quotes her exactly everyone is still left scratching their heads, wondering what was she addressing as an issue and what was her solution.

Then we all got to snicker as Newt Gingrich got fired by his own campaign. Come on. Who fires their candidate? Yeah, it was that bad. Kind of makes you feel bad for the Republicans. OK, not enough to vote for any of them but still... Can you imagine trying to sell lipstick on the Newt Pig? That's one hard sell that not even Tiffany's jewelry could improve. It's no wonder they covered their faces like The Taliban and left town.

Moving right along in the psycho-drama of the 2012 Republicans are the Mormon candidates.  Mitt Romney used to be a Democrat but changed sides like any good ol' fashioned opportunist seeking the most votes in uncertain political times. Unfortunately, for him, as nice a guy as he appears, he also comes across as someone with a vacant mind. He changes his positions so many times you would think he wrote the Political Kama Sutra Manual.

24 June 2011

Funny Jon Stewart Mocks Wall Street For Causing Greek Crisis

From Denny: Get your crash course in crooked banking Wall Street style from your favorite comedian. He does make learning fun. Why wasn't college this entertaining?

You have all heard about how Greece is melting down financially. Recently, the European Union put on hold their $billion bailout while they await Greece to sell off some of their assets. What took the Greeks so long to get around to the obvious? They should have sold their banks and state-owned companies years ago when they were first in trouble.

If you have ever visited Greece you soon learn they have one terrific lifestyle. It's not terribly responsible on the individual level any more than on the national level. They literally party every night, spending hundreds of dollars a night. They do not save money. They don't believe in savings accounts. Amazing.

Why don't they save for that proverbial rainy day? Because they have one helluva retirement system we all would envy and start rioting to get out of our government. Get this: the Greeks get to retire at only age 53. Better yet they get to retire at the very high level of 80 percent of their income.

22 June 2011

Billionaire Koch Brothers Send Attack Lobbyists to Stop Energy Legislation

From Denny:  The famous Koch Brothers, who love to meddle in the very same government they claim should not basically exist, are now flexing their financial muscles again. They are demanding legislators lose the proposed energy legislation for natural gas subsidies to help wean America off oil.

Of course, Koch Industries, based out of Kansas, primarily has interests in oil, refining and pipelines as well as chemicals and consumer products like toilet paper (Angel Soft) and paper towels (Brawny). These are the same numb nuts that want to burrow an oil sands pipeline straight up through America to Canada from Houston.

Did I mention they want to dig said crazy pipeline under the only fresh drinking water, an underground glacier, for the entire Midwest population? Oh, and they claim "it's perfectly safe and nothing will go wrong." Uh, huh, and that's what BP told us here in Louisiana about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill clean up.

Dennys People Watching: Funny Actor Tom Hanks Does The TV Weather, Larry Crowne Movie Trailer

Dennys People Watching: Funny Actor Tom Hanks Does The TV Weather, Larry Crowne Movie Trailer: "From Denny: Funny actor Tom Hanks stopped in at the Spanish news network, Univision, to do more than Show 'N' Tell for his new movie. He and the weather newscaster danced their way through the weather cast. Total silliness and funny. The man loves his improv.

New movie 'Larry Crowne' starts in theaters this weekend and features Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks."

Dennys Funny Quotes: Funny Video: Cat Ferociously Barks, Not Meows, To Protect House

Tough kitty

Dennys Funny Quotes: Funny Video: Cat Ferociously Barks, Not Meows, To Protect House: "From Denny: Talk about hilarious! I've had cats with this level of ferocity to protect but never one that barked. Mine were more like silent ninja types that were ready to lop off an intruder's head. Cats are fiercely loyal to The One that fills the food bowl and gives proper cat head massages.

But I digress... This crazy female cat is one fierce Queen! She barks at the cars that pass by her house - and it's non-stop barking no less. What's really funny is she sits up in an open window to do her sentry watch, fur bristled out to look larger than she is - sort of like when an ant stands up on a leaf to appear larger to intruders.

When the cat owner comes up with a video camera to record her unique style of 'watch-dogging' - and the cat is busted for barking - the cat starts meowing like a normal cat should. It's like 'You blew my cover, dude, now I have to look like a wimpy kitty for the camera.'"

21 June 2011

Dennys Funny Quotes: Funny Animal, People, Work Cartoons

Ballard Street

Dennys Funny Quotes: Funny Animal, People, Work Cartoons: "From Denny: Enjoy these cartoons I've been collecting lately. The syndicated cartoonists no longer give out embed codes to the blogger types (and we know who we are). Who knows how long they will continue to enable these codes?

So, I am frantically going through all my draft posts to find the cartoons and get them up quickly. OK, it's really a labor of love because I get to grin while I create a post. It's a tough job but someone has to volunteer, right? :) Enjoy!"

Visual Insights: Dennys Photo Gallery: How We See Ourselves: 26 Self-Portraits


Self-portrait photo by Árni Torfason @ flickr, All Rights Reserved with embed code available

Visual Insights: Dennys Photo Gallery: How We See Ourselves: 26 Self-Portraits: "From Denny: We photographers have a lot of fun with technology. Check out the self-portrait challenges over at flickr I discovered while on one of my visual vacations. Some real beauties and clever composition to enjoy!"

20 June 2011

Poll: Huge Percentage Americans Unhappy With Economy

From Denny: Gallup pollsters discovered this week that 78 percent of Americans are unhappy about the way things are going in this country. That's a six point increase in dissatisfaction in only 30 days.

In another Gallup poll this week as well, the U.S. Economic Confidence, only 30 percent of Americans believe the economy is getting better. That's down another seven points since last month.

Six straight weeks of Wall Street declines and bleak jobs outlook are the major factors for dissatisfaction. The crippling third reason is the very high price of gasoline at the pump. It's over $1 dollar higher per gallon than a year ago and that was too high for the economy to thrive back then.

18 June 2011

Schwarzenegger sex scandal, Cartoons

From Denny: Now that Anthony Weiner is off the laughing stage for sex scandals - after three grueling weeks of ridicule - there are always the funny Schwarzenegger cartoons lying around on this blog waiting for their debut.

Schwarzenegger (R-CA) sure shocked everyone with his big drama of the discovered love child. (Turns out he has several more, according to actress Jane Seymour.) His wife had to feel doubly betrayed because she had trusted her four children with this housekeeper. Just when you think you have heard it all there is another version of this silly story of sex gone wrong.

Did you know that Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has been offered jobs at Hustler magazine and on Al Gore's new network? After all, if disgraced Eliot Spitzer can become a talk show host on CNN why not Anthony Weiner?

Dennys Funny Quotes: Funny Social Commentary Cartoons

Jerry Holbert

Dennys Funny Quotes: Funny Social Commentary Cartoons: "From Denny:  Enjoy these cartoons while they last. The wealthy cartoonists over at Comics.com have all banded together and no longer give embed codes to bloggers for their cartoons. That includes the political cartoonists too.

Sigh.  What!?  No more crazy Palin cartoons or Gingrich.  I might be suffering from cartoons withdrawal soon.  Hopefully, these cartoonists will continue to enable the previous codes like these cartoons.

I guess this can only mean one thing: It's time for me (and you) to learn how to cartoon and do my (our) own silly cartoons. I mean, who has a corner on laughter anyway? We all deserve the right to smiles."

Poems From A Spiritual Heart: Swirling Thoughts

Poems From A Spiritual Heart: Swirling Thoughts: "A poem about how we are all so connected that one person's misfortune feels like our own."

17 June 2011

Dennys: News Politics Comedy Science Arts & Food: Funny Colbert Interviews Ancient Deal Maker Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger, long time member of secret World Order Bilderberg Group

Dennys: News Politics Comedy Science Arts & Food: Funny Colbert Interviews Ancient Deal Maker Henry Kissinger: "From Denny: Nixon's point man to open Communist China to the world, and the early stages of free trade, was former GOP Sec.of State Henry Kissinger. Yes, blame him for losing your job and getting crappy quality imports.

Kissinger, 88-years-old, is hawking his new book 'On China.' Well, at least he didn't bore us with a long title. (Check out the link on Amazon.)

Kissinger did manage to hold his own with the crazy antics of Colbert. In fact, the old guy was good humored and rolled with the punches. He was Colbert's straight man every stand-up comic adores to use on stage."

Funny Colbert Interviews Janny Scott About Obamas Mother

A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack  Obama's Mother

From Denny: Colbert tries to nail down the mysterious  person of Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, since the President has so far been unwilling to talk about her. It sounds like he had, perhaps still has, mixed feelings about his relationship with her.

A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mother

Apparently, she met and married Obama's father in Hawaii when she was only seventeen years old. Hawaii is a multi-cultural state where interracial relationships are not the scandal as on the mainland. Though even back in the 1960's it raised some disapproving eyebrows. But she was a trail blazer.

16 June 2011

Prosecutorial Misconduct Against Senator Edwards? His Funny Mugshots

Dodd and John Edwards got into a war of ads in...Image via Wikipedia

The Trial

From Denny:  In an obvious political vendetta using the power of the federal government at an  unwelcome taxpayer expense - for what does not rise to a criminal level - President Obama and Atty. Gen. Holder indicted former Senator John Edwards last week on six weak-as-rainwater counts -  supposedly on campaign finance law violations.

Political skunks in the Democratic Party

Obama, and the political skunks of Team Obama - Axelrod, Plouffe and Holder - are going for blood. You see, the obvious strategy is to lay the trap for Edwards, keeping him pinned down for the rest of the campaign season. These crazies have it in their head that it is Edwards that will come out of nowhere and challenge Obama for the 2012 election.

Visual Insights: Whimsical Funny Hats At Ascot Ladies Day

Dragonfly red hat, photo by Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters

Visual Insights: Whimsical Funny Hats At Ascot Ladies Day: "From Denny:  Check out the outrageously fun and whimsically styled hats women were sporting today at the Ascot Racecourse near London on Ladies Day.  It's held on the third day of racing during the Royal Ascot meet and is considered the highlight of the week at the track.

It's sort of like wearing a high class clown suit but everyone admires you, your creativity - and your daring to be the spectacle of public ridicule and laughter -  for wearing such a creation."

15 June 2011

Funny Jon Stewart Mocking GOP Debate: Indecision 2012

From Denny: Only Jon Stewart could make the GOP debates actually sound somewhat interesting. At our house we consider them a real snooze, OK, yawn. First up was the media beating up on milk toast Pawlenty who refused to slash and gut Romney on "ObaNeeCare" that only just days before he had criticized Romney.

Since Romney is the current front runner in this 17 month race to the White House, he was grinning like a Cheshire Cat while Pawlenty tried to weasel out of his statements against Romney. Yeah, Pawlenty sure looks like Vice President front runner material to the media. He displayed a willingness to accept Beta Dog position to Romney's Alpha Dog.

Poems From A Spiritual Heart: Those Funny Memories


Poems From A Spiritual Heart: Those Funny Memories: "From Denny: It is odd how the mind works, never knowing what will rise to the surface sometimes, no matter how organized and methodical you fancy yourself to be. I've often wondered what triggers old memories, especially the ones that make us chuckle."

14 June 2011

Fathers Day Posts: Quotes, Photos, Humor, Music. Poetry

happy fathers day

Happy Father's Day! photo by jwlphotography @ flickr, All Rights Reserved with embed code available

From Denny:  Enjoy some funny quotes from fathers about being a father. Get inspired from some inspirational quotes about fathers and from fathers.

Enjoy two musicians - Keith Urban and Abel Ullon - and what they have to say about what it is like being a father and observing their own fathers as parents.

Most of all, enjoy some wonderful photography from a variety of amateurs and professionals, revealing fathers in their most intimate moments with their children. Taking a snooze, playing sand castle on the beach, riding on daddy's shoulder, hanging out with pregnant mom, daddy gazing into the eyes of  his newborn, daddy cookies baked just for him, playing "kids in the bucket," learning to play music, and getting kisses from his little girls on his special day to be honored - at least once a year! :)

Funny Fathers Day: Cheeky Quote Day

Fathers Day Quotes: Funny and Inspirational

Fathers Day Music: Keith Urban Sings Song For Dad

Christian Music: Fathers Day Song - My Dad by Abel Ullon

Dennys Photo Gallery: Fathers Day

Angel Diaries: Samuel story poem - How do you recognize when an angel has truly come into your life? Do you remember your angel sightings or did the moment pass you by?

3 Kinds of Men to Honor - Today is Father’s Day on the calendar and I will be thinking of them throughout this week, we choose this day to honor the good examples of quality men who have influenced our lives beneficially. Most people reflect upon a father, a brother, an uncle, a grandfather, a husband, a good and trusted friend, even a mentor.

Video: Making A Difference - Father's Heart Ranch - This is a wonderful story full of love to heal abused and abandoned boys in California. A retired professional baseball player turned non-denominational minister took his life savings to begin this endeavor.

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Dennys Art Sanctuary: Art: Urban Museum Or Trash?

Dennys Art Sanctuary: Art: Urban Museum Or Trash?: "From Denny:  It's photos like this one that get us to question our personal definition of art. Is art about what is painted upon the canvas? Is art meant to be orderly and always in the proper situation?

Can we call it art if it's found in an alley of trash? You decide.

Hey, for me I thought the whole idea was fun and colorful. So, if you go by the age old definition that 'art must evoke an emotion' then it's art 'cause it sure gave me a grin and a happy start to my day! :)"

Dennys Art Sanctuary: Funny Coffee Art and Tutorials: Barista With Cat Humor

Dennys Art Sanctuary: Funny Coffee Art and Tutorials: Barista With Cat Humor: "From Denny: Check out coffee tutorials in the form of how to do latte with beautiful designs like the Rosetta. From World of Latte in The Netherlands come some amusingly good looking cups of coffee!  While this site is not in English you can check out World Coffee Events for it is an English language site.

This cat design sure gave me a smile today.  Imagine being greeted with that at a coffeehouse when you are unwinding from a tough day at work!"

Live Solutions Events - Nederlands Kampioenschap Latte Art 2005 (Etching)

Cat Coffee photo by Live Solutions @ flickr, All Rights Reserved with embed code available

Visual Insights: Dennys Photo Gallery: Beautiful Australia

Australian Canola Field

Australian Canola Field photo by Dreamscope Photography @ flickr, All Rights Reserved with embed code available

Visual Insights: Dennys Photo Gallery: Beautiful Australia: "From Denny:  What a wonderful find is this photographer from Australia. She gives us a travelogue and history of the images she recorded of her country. The landscape exhibits a wild beauty, drenched in color.

Some excellent landscape photos and some penetrating character portraits are part of her collection over at flickr.  These photos of Australia go far beyond the usual tourism photos.  In fact, Australian travel and tourism should employ this photographer.  It sure makes me want to hop a plane and endure the excessively long ride from America just to see Australia!  There is a lot more to Australia than the Great Barrier Reef so often advertised.

But if you can't get time off to see Australia, this photographer sure makes you feel like you are there. Along the way, as you view her images, you get drawn into the culture and people of Australia. Enjoy the journey through her eyes!  I've included some of her observations, cultural information and comments.

All photos are from Dreamscope Photography @ flickr."

13 June 2011

Funny Jon Stewart On Weiner Sex Scandal: The Wangover Part 2

From Denny: So why does exhibitionist Congressman Anthony Weiner wonder why everyone is suddenly paying attention to him? Yes, that is the burning media question of the day.

What's more, with all his fellow Democrats piling on, who is left to defend the hapless indefensible Weiner? Well, there is always fellow Congressman Charlie Rangel. Jon Stewart does a great Rangel imitation. Though Rangel does have several good points: "He doesn't go with prostitutes. He hasn't molested little boys. He doesn't do a wide stance in an airport bathroom." Well, yeah.

Of course, this week yet more naked photos of Weiner and his proud "stance" were revealed, photos taken in the House members-only gym locker room. I wonder if those photos were from the security cameras that show Weiner taking pictures of his weener? Talk about strange.

12 June 2011

Dennys: News Politics Comedy Science Arts & Food: Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 12 June 2011

Dennys: News Politics Comedy Science Arts & Food: Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 12 June 2011: "From Denny: Check out what has been happening in the world of news, comedy, food, poetry, photography, art, music and more. In the past month a whirlwind of news occurred. World terrorist Osama bin Laden was hunted down and killed in a resort town in Pakistan where he had been hiding for the past six years. Supposedly, the Pakistanis were unaware of his presence there. Yeah? And I've got some swamp land in Louisiana to sell you too.

President Obama got a nice bump in approval ratings for about a week and then that fizzled as he resumed his usual do-nothing stance on the economy. Obama also continued with poisonous politics aimed at his own Democrats, throwing them all under the bus in favor of Big Business."

Gabrielle Giffords: New Photos Since Shooting, Looks Great!

Gabby 18 months ago in January 2010

From Denny: This week Gifford's staff put up on her facebook page more recent photos of her. These photos reveal a still vibrant woman with a healthy glow. What is so amazing is she just underwent yet another surgery. This time it was to replace part of her skull that had previously been removed months ago to allow the brain to swell from its injuries.

Good news! Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) is recovering at a rapid rate that astonishes and gladdens her doctors. To those of us - by the millions - who have prayed for her health and well being, this is proof positive how prayer works. Prayer is about giving energy to others when their energy is ebbing or weak. She looks wonderful!

11 June 2011

Stealing Your Blog Content: Duplicate Content Farm MadHealth.net

Stop Sign

From Denny: Do you know who is stealing your blog or site content of original articles and posts, even poetry?  Check out a serial violator of duplicate content on the internet.  He may be stealing from your blog or site.  How does it affect you on the internet when your copyright is violated?

The site known as Health News Gate, located at http://www.madhealth.net, is a duplicate content farm, stealing from all over the internet. He is based out of the Ukraine and ignores all contact letters of cease and desist.

MadHealth.net steals from all over the internet in areas of health, news, politics, sports, music, photography poetry, spiritual, you name it.  Just a duplicate content farm that Google has yet to put out of their search engine.

10 June 2011

Comics Lampoon Hapless Anthony Weiner, Weird Headlines, Photos

From Denny: This poor schmuck is beginning to look sympathetic. It's like everyone is piling on, OK, dumping on him, everything they are angry about in life. Right now, with a down economy and no relief in sight, that's considerable.

It's like there is this ninth grade mentality that has taken over the media, screaming the crudest headlines in the newspapers, TV and online news. Check out the ridiculous photos of the Weinergate scandal.

Meanwhile, the comics are lampooning his stupid Twitter antics. Sadly, comic Jon Stewart is good friends with Weiner and feels betrayed after trying to defend Weiner.

When the Weiner scandal first broke I figured it was just more toxic politics in an election year and I ignored it. Then it drug on and the media carried it on the nightly news incessantly. I caught a CNN interview with Weiner and knew immediately he was lying and that he had, in fact, sent the photos and they were his photos.

He did not admit it in the interview but rather dodged the questions. It was his body language that gave him away. A few days later he finally admitted out loud what was true. Hey, at least he's a bad liar. That's the good news for a politician.

09 June 2011

Dennys Global Politics: Libya: Rebels Sell Us 1st Oil Production

NATO bombs Tripoli, Libya/Getty Images

Dennys Global Politics: Libya: Rebels Sell Us 1st Oil Production: "From Denny: Sec. of State Hillary Clinton is pleased to report the rebels are producing oil for the West, selling us their first batch. Can it be America has finally found someone willing to repay us for all the blood and money we have spent on them?

What a nice change of pace is this turn of events. My Democrats may finally be getting practical and downright useful instead of useless."

Aww, Gingrich Campaign Fizzles: Top Aides Quit En Masse

The problem with Newt is he enjoys his own reflection too much.

From Denny: Would we expect any less from Gingrich? The guy can't stay married. The guy can't make a commitment in a campaign he is so busy flip-flopping, trying to figure out if he is a liberal conservative or a conservative hypocritical liberal. You decide.

Well, today a whole wolf pack of his top aides said "Goodbye and Good Riddance!" to the Newt. After all, any political strategist that wants the paychecks to keep rolling in would not bet on Newtie to make it past the first 30 days.

Visual Insights: Dennys Photo Gallery: Fathers Day

Visual Insights: Dennys Photo Gallery: Fathers Day: "From Denny: Check out these awesome photos I found for today's theme! Some wonderful offerings from amateur and professional photographers alike. The black and white photos have a very intimate quality to them. I liked the ones of girls smothering their dads with kisses as I liked to do the same with my grandfather and my favorite uncle when I was a little girl. They used to laugh and beam for hours afterward. Give the father in your life some love today. He deserves it! Of course, I had to include some humorous photos as well. Enjoy!"


Father and daughter taking a snooze photo by evankok @ flickr, All Rights Reserved with embed code available

Dennys World of Quotes: Fathers Day Quotes: Funny and Inspirational

happy fathers day
Happy Father's Day! photo by jwlphotography @ flickr, All Rights Reserved with embed code available

Dennys World of Quotes: Fathers Day Quotes: Funny and Inspirational: "Best quote: The father is always a Republican toward his son, and his mother's always a Democrat. - Robert Frost

Father's Day Quotes

He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. - Clarence Budington Kelland, U.S. Writer

A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society. - Billy Graham, Christian Evangelist

The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.
- Theodore Hesburgh, Catholic Priest and President Emeritus of the University of Notre Dame

How true Daddy's words were when he said: 'All children must look after their own upbringing.' Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands. - Anne Frank, German Jew and Holocaust Victim

It is much easier to become a father than to be one. - Kent Nerburn, U.S. Author and Educator

We are given children to test us and make us more spiritual. - George Will, U.S. Journalist"

08 June 2011

Dennys Art Sanctuary: Fathers Day Music: Keith Urban Sings Song For Dad

Dennys Art Sanctuary: Fathers Day Music: Keith Urban Sings Song For Dad: "From Denny: Keith Urban offers up his observations on fatherhood and how he has become much like his own father. 'Sometimes, women become their mothers when they grow up and sometimes men become their fathers' goes the saying.

Included are the poetic lyrics which paint a vivid picture of a child remembering his father."

06 June 2011

Funny Colbert: Anthony Weiners Emergency Press Conference

From Denny:  The most shocking sex scandal of all political time in America. Yes, Anthony Weiner sent a naughty sex photo of himself to a strange woman. He "mistakenly" put it up on Twitter - oops. Then he said he did not mean to do that.

Weiner said he regularly had sex talk-text conversations via Twitter, email, facebook, phone and probably every other kind of technology known to man. The most shocking news is that he did not ever get to "know" any of these women. He never had sex with anyone.

Now that's shocking news, folks. Who the hell gets into a sex scandal without having sex? And just why do the Republicans expect him to step down from office? Why? What's a sex scandal without the sex? Are they now calling it Tech Sex?

Dennys Art Sanctuary: Art: Check Out Process 4 Famous Cartoonist Jeff Stahler

Dennys Art Sanctuary: Art: Check Out Process 4 Famous Cartoonist Jeff Stahler: "From Denny: In an informal interview this famous syndicated cartoonist talks about his cartooning process and how it evolves during his day. His manner is downright droll and rambling but we get to see him ink his cartoons about Donald Trump. He's been doing editorial cartoons for 28 years now. Take a look at his wonderfully messy attic studio that only a fellow creative soul can appreciate. :)"

05 June 2011

Funny Stephen Colbert Mocks The Debt Ceiling Angst

Stephen Colbert on the debt ceiling ridicule

From Denny:  Only Colbert would dare to take on the angst riddled politicians and political strategists when it comes to the debt ceiling in need of raising its proverbial roof. Colbert: "Hey, President Bush did it in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007 and twice in 2008."

He goes on to reveal the hypocrisy of the Republicans in blocking the debt ceiling bill the Democrats were supporting. Never mind it was the Republicans who introduced this same bill. Yes, the Republicans stood up against themselves and voted down their own legislation. Hunh?

Who needs to go to political blogs for the explanation of the truly weird American politics reality show when you can get it from Colbert or Jon Stewart?

02 June 2011

State of the Economy, Oprah, College Grads, 2012 Election, Cartoons

From Denny: Today President Obama's political team demanded $60 million from high roller campaign donors in Chicago, to be delivered before the end of June. Uh, there isn't even anyone to face yet in the Republican camp. A little over reaching, don't you think?

2012 Presidential Campaign

But hey, Mitt Romney jumped up and officially announced he is running for president. In case you have followed so many of his flip-flops of where he stands or doesn't stand - on just about any issue - he is running on the Republican side of the political aisle. Not to be confused with a guy not born in Kenya by the name of Obama. :)

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