20 July 2010

Funny Video: Colberts Automatic Weapons For The People

*** Colbert interview: Ilya Shapiro and Jackie Hilly disagree on Supreme Court decision to strike down Chicago's 30-year-old ban on handguns. Colbert pets his gun Sweetness.

Automatics for the People - Ilya Shapiro & Jackie Hilly

From Denny: Colbert loves talking gun rights in America. He gets so excited like a teenaged kid's first lay - or a much younger kid in a candy store. Of course, my Louisiana Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal recently signed into law the right to carry guns in church. Yeah, there's a plan.

Now it's not even safe to go to church. What's next? Makes you wonder if they are going hunting "those damn Democrats." If Democrats become an extinct species in the American South you will know why - wait a minute - we already are a minority. I wonder what this Supreme Court has to say about protecting the rights of the Democratic minority in the South...? To quote a now famous BP jerk, "I want my life back."

Just in case you don't hear from me any more here at The Social Poets you will know "who done did it... gun-totin' yahoos." But that's OK, I have lots of faith in the here after. They will allow me to haunt said yahoos unmercifully. There is nothing like a Democratic female howling about getting screwed over for no good reason. Everyone can hear her - loud and clear - for eternity, if they are not careful. How's that for a "threat assessment"? :)

Colbert shares a new style of Bible verse - Ask yourself one question: Do you love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you? Well, do ya punk? (Altered) Bible verse citation Matt. 5:6.

Colbert also does a "Show 'n' Tell" with his gun, "a real life partner" he calls "Sweetness." Then he proceeds to pet the hand gun. Kinda reminds you of Tea Party rallies where strange people treat their guns like they are weird sexual objects to be caressed...

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Automatics for the People - Ilya Shapiro & Jackie Hilly<a>
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