28 February 2009

Thank you to new Feed subscribers!

From Denny:

Hi, everyone! Thanks for taking this The Social Poets feed, much appreciated!

Apparently, Feedburner is having count issues. A while back they were bought out by Google. It looks like just now they are making the change over of accounts and the like. The numbers have been looking downright screwy the past few days so am unable to know exactly how many have signed up or remained. Go figure. Feedburner has a notice of basically to wait it out for the next three days as the current stats are far lower than is true. Guess telling people to expect good things keeps the beasties away! :)

Either way it turns out, if one person or 50 folks have signed up, just know that you are most welcome here and well appreciated! Let me know if you have any info to pass along that pertains to this blog and I'll be glad to include it or write about it - even link to it.

Thanks for the listen and keep on coming back to visit! I think this calls for a group hug! (huge grin)

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7 Ways to Grow the Action Habit

From pickthebrain.com
By John Wesley

How many poets and other creative people need help to get on track and keep producing in a timely fashion? Here's a boost from a great guy who addresses the problem head on!

27 February 2009

Thank you to new Feed subscribers!

From Denny:

Hi, everyone! Thank you for joining up on this feed to The Social Poets, much appreciated! It was quite the pleasant surprise this morning when I checked my stats and saw all the new folks coming over to my place for a visit, welcome! I thought the happy dog jumping for joy photo was definitely a good fit for today. :)

BTW, have you noticed the new slideshow I put together for you at the top of the page? All my blogs do take a bit longer than they should to load so I thought you might like to be entertained a bit by some wonderful photography from my friends at flickr. There is so much beauty in the world and they did a great job of capturing a lot of it! They also did photos to amuse you and others to make you think deep, cool stuff!

Yes, I know, the first rule of blogging is to make your pages load fast. Unfortunately, it also makes them visually dull to look at! I like color and large photos and a larger font. A larger font is great for those of us with good eyes but who read a lot on the internet all day long. Those tiny 5.5 fonts are crazy to put on a blog for the general public. You miss out on the older or retired folks who could read your blogs too!

While I park some of my own poetry here from time to time, I do promote my fellow poets too. I'd be glad to post some of yours here too. Just go on over to HubPages.com and get yourself an account. Why? Because you get to keep your copyright to all your writings! I can link from HubPages over to this blog with your writing without violating your copyright. Cool, huh?!

So far, I've been quite pleased with HubPages who are honorable in all ways. That's a lot more than I can say for a previous site I left and took down all my writes. They were monkeying with the already small pay scale and lying about it. I have no use for that kind of attitude toward others.

Tell people the rules of the game and let them decide; don't go changing the rules without notification - and favoritism for some and not for others. Too weird for me over at Triond. Besides, as an Israeli site there is no protection for an American writer's copyright. It was time to walk away from that messy situation.

For me it turned out to be a good thing as I started 7 blogs instead of spinning my wheels on a useless hamster track site going nowhere! I'm having loads of fun with all these blogs and discovering many other writers who have wonderful information to share.

You will notice I've started including life coaches. The first one is Bruce Elkin, a real sociable smart guy from Canada. He specializes in sensitive people like artists, poets, writers, photographers and the like. He is equally adept with business folks and frazzled parents. I found him over at HubPages and he is quite a delight to know: upbeat, serious thinker and problem solver.

The second life coach is newer to me as I just found him at HubPages and his name is Frederick Pearce. As I learn more about him I'll let you know. His article about a bad boss and that tense interaction is something I thought a lot of us have experienced in life. It is a really good article, heartfelt and yet full of learned wisdom and practicality. I'll be looking at more of his writing to see what can be useful to you here at The Social Poets.

Send me a shout if you would like more of something. Feel free to leave comments; that's why the comment box is enabled! If you want to write privately, then feel free to email me, Denny Lyon: warriorspearl@gmail.com.

I've only been at this blogging gig for a little over three months. So, if you have suggestions of other subjects, authors, sites, blogs you would like to see featured here just drop me a line.

Thanks again for signing up for my feed!

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Magic poem


Magic Poem

By mohitmisra of India
Photo by Adan Garcia @ flickr

26 February 2009

Simple Easy Ways to Update Loved Recipes to Healthy

Simple Easy Ways to Update Loved Recipes to Healthy: "Bon Appetit!
There are small tweaks you can do to update and still retain the pleasure of eating well! 4 videos."

By Denny Lyon
Photo by mahalie @ flickr

The Interesting Man

Last summer I experienced an unusual and intense romance. That man was so charming and magnetic that he had me at Hello! It isn't what you consider to be the usual romance - or is it?

Read on and enjoy a good chuckle. I know that intense moment stayed with me for so long that I had to write about that shameless pick-up artist. I met him at an outdoor food market one early August summer morning.


The Interesting Man
By Denny Lyon
Copyright August 2008

An interesting man I one day met
Downtown he lazily strolled near
The Saturday morning food market

He was long retired, happily
He took his well muscled relaxing ease
He eyed all the prettiest ladies

His attention rested first upon me
Other women took notice of us
Magnetized, a horde drifted our way

Loving his chilled demeanor we remarked
A steady gaze he wore like a fine silk suit
Ethan was his name

Ethan loved women
And women loved Ethan

Many men, riveting their gaze,
Feeling threatened and
Too curious, turned our way,
"Who is this guy causing such a stir?"

As the crowd swelled more
In a tight and intimate embrace
I cupped my hand to his throat

Ethan shifted his weight obligingly
He leaned into me, eagerly greeting my hand
"He's a leaner," offered his embarrassed young friend

Again, and again, I stroked Ethan ever so gently
A woman in the growing crowd loudly declared,
Certainly for All too loudly well heard,

"So, you say he's retired from the race track?
And a Red Brindle Greyhound breed at that?!"

Ethan grinned.
That famous Greyhound smiling grin.

Ethan loved women
And women,


We loved Ethan.



Note: Please consider adopting a former racetrack greyhound. They are generally retired at ages 2 - 5 years old, affectionate and good with older children. Some are high energy and some are mellow temperaments. They tend not to suffer from hip dysplasia like other tall breeds and live long, up to 14 years. You never know, you might get lucky and find another confident chilled guy like Ethan!

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25 February 2009

Todays Blogging: Born from Yesterdays Underground Newspapers

Todays Blogging: Born from Yesterdays Underground Newspapers: "Read the real life story of the amusing transition from subversive underground newspaper writer to today’s blogger."

By Denny Lyon
Photo by nao-cha @ flickr

Give Me A Chance

Give Me A Chance - Sometimes chances in life are given, sometimes carefully taken and sometimes just plain snatched from us. Read this simply stated lovely poem of tender and very deep feelings about what we all encounter in life.

By G-Ma Johnson
Photo by Brent and MariLynn @ flickr

24 February 2009

Poem: God Talked

Reflecting upon how a successful and happy long-term relationship began.


God Talked

Fifteen we met
He loved poetry
To Taiwan he mailed
Reams of copied poems
From the school library he found

Eight thousand miles
They traveled to cheer
Proclaiming love he could not write
Three years he wooed
Til Louisiana college did unite

God stepped out of time’s midst,
Proclaimed, He’s yours to marry
Fine with me, I grinned agreed

Long pause of wondering

And then

Tapped God on the shoulder

Excuse me, God,
But have you told him yet?

By Denny Lyon
Copyright 25 May 2008
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Plotting and scheming that novel?

Plotting and scheming that novel?: "Most novels are larger than life. More things happen, deeper problems are solved. Novels fulfill a reader's flight of fancy because it is how they THINK they would like their lives to be.

This is where a Newbie author can slip-up. They sometimes try to make their novel too ‘true to life'. Readers don't want stories that are life as THEY live it. When readers pick up a book, they're seeking diversion from routine. Successful novels reflect their fantasies."

By ajbarnett from Spain

Eager to write that first novel that is about to burst out of you? Here's some simple easy to follow advice from a veteran writer to help you along with that first book.

23 February 2009

What Is the Good Life?

What Is the Good Life?: "Some say a good life is rich in material pleasures, and good feelings—a life of getting, and having. Others say it is a fully engaged life. A life of doing, creating, and enjoying the gratification of mastery in life, work, and relationships.

For others, it is a meaningful life, a giving life, lived in service to a purpose or cause; a spiritual life. But, perhaps, it is not one or another of these options.
Could the good life be the harmonious whole that comes from integrating the three lives into one?"

By Bruce Elkin
Photo by Scarleth White @ flickr

22 February 2009

Self Help - Blasting Through Your Belief Barriers

Self Help - Blasting Through Your Belief Barriers: "You need this information to help you understand... understand what you are missing. Because you have lingering:

Uncertainities about your life and living.

You have fears gripping you rendering you incapable of perfect action.

You have indecisiveness.

You probably have hopelessness.

You probably don't know what to do or how to get out of your debilitating circumstances."

By Shahnaz Rauf
Photo by Simon Davison @ flickr

21 February 2009

Staying Up In Down Times

Staying Up In Down Times: "The key to staying up in down times is to build personal resilience, and develop your capacity to create what matters—with whatever life gives you to work with!

Why do we need resilience, and the ability to create? Look at the following reasons:

Financial crises. Climate change, and globlal warming. Weird weather. Peak Oil fears. Resource Wars. Mortgage meltdown. Housing markets collapse. Job losses. Bailouts. Insecurity. The list goes on and on."

by Bruce Elkin

20 February 2009

Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification

Today's American Politics: 20 February 2009

Today's American Politics: 20 February 2009: "For years I used to write my Democratic Senators and Congressmen, placing my proverbial stiletto heels deep into their backs to get them to stand up with some spine against the Bush administration. Well, it must have worked.

After a few years of polite letters giving what arguments to use, other people must have sensed me on that collective soul level (or I sensed them) and joined me doing the same thing. Finally, there was a tsunami wave of people pushing on their representatives for standing up to bring about change. It took eight long hard years but finally...

Today I read, on Politico, that the tables are turned when it comes to getting out the message, staying on top of the message and generalized political aggression. The Democrats of the Obama White House have a lot of spine it turns out!"

For the rest of the story go to above link - thank you!

By Denny Lyon
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Friends poem


Friends a poem, from the book: Ponder Awhile

By mohitmisra from India
Photo by StuSeeger @ flickr

19 February 2009


In an earlier hub i warned you all about a site called poetry.com.Well i simply had to share some more info with you all as i have not stopped laughing about it.
I wanted to try this site one more time just in case by some miracle i had got my suspicions incorrect.This site holds regular competitions and one of them is called 'poets choice'.Basically you write a poem and submit it for viewers rating.The highest score wins. This is what i did."

By bevy400 from Scotland

From Denny Lyon: Nothing like a reminder about getting scammed by yet another poetry site, sigh... POETS BEWARE!

18 February 2009

Poem: Weeping Freedom

Photo of Star jasmine vine flower reaching toward the sun


When what later proved to be a devastating hurricane was on its way I went about the house to secure it. Also, did some pruning of bushes that would not be able to withstand the 100 mph winds and pounding rain that came. This spreading jasmine vine on a small trellis was most at risk for damage as it was extremely top heavy, no longer able to stake it, and wildly spread out in its growth.

As any writer doing something mundane my mind wandered to pondering life in general and it rested upon the inner struggle of people to grow. Some reach out wisely and others do not. The rest is obvious.

Poem by Denny Lyon
Photo by Lida Rose @ flickr


Weeping Freedom

By Denny Lyon

Heavy driving bursting rains pummel earthward

Upon this gnarled faithfully speeding rakish growth

Dripping droplets, glistening loosed milky flowers

Rushing rivulets descend from rooftops gushing

Adventurous licentious fingers flung wildly outward

Exploring, unrestrained, touching tenacious stopping wall

Barricade me not, loose my stifling trellis binds

Straining against established caged immurement

Freedom beckons loudly near the waving reddest rose

Yearning fast forward, quickly flee, furious need escape

Near breaking, endures weary weathered woody trellis

Accommodating, curious, bending to wait, upon what?

Writhing greenery mass, twisted, small world labyrinth

Enduring, steadfast thick roots, questing crawling center vine

Established, secure, infinite branches, winging sweetest fragrance

Curling corkscrew new tips salacious, paradox to double mind

Persisting planted foundation, safe, secure, familiarity

Abiding growth eager, libertine conflicted, dilemma eternity

Pruning twisted gnarled old thoughts, settled creaking branches

Discarding crammed spaces, thrown wide open air, fresh, renew

Shearing recent growth undisciplined, messy trimmed now neat

Paring down the old, good basic branches reduced, searing severe

Denuded exposed bare beauty, my life, begin renewal, again and again

Rejuvenate, renovate, refresh, yes, revive this lovely jasmine vine, mine!

Denny Lyon
Copyright 18 Feb 2009
All Rights Reserved

CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS - A Self-Improvement Basic

CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS - A Self-Improvement Basic: "Many years ago, I worked for a boss who was abusive to his employees, and to the company's suppliers, and was, in my opinion, unethical, too. These were later conclusions, but I was a young man and I wanted to make an impression and get on in the company. I tried to gain the respect and appreciation of this man, my boss.

The more I tried, the more disrespect I seemed to get from him. And the worse he treated me, the more hurt I became. I began to doubt my own competence, my own ability. It was a very trying time for someone who wanted to progress and I felt thwarted at every turn. My self-esteem was being chipped away."

By Frederick Pearce
Photo by BL 1961 @ flickr

What is Mind Mapping? (and How to Get Started Immediately)

"A mind map is a graphical way to represent ideas and concepts. It is a visual thinking tool that helps structuring information, helping you to better analyze, comprehend, synthesize, recall and generate new ideas.

Just as in every great idea, its power lies in its simplicity.

In a mind map, as opposed to traditional note taking or a linear text, information is structured in a way that resembles much more closely how your brain actually works. Since it is an activity that is both analytical and artistic, it engages your brain in a much, much richer way, helping in all its cognitive functions. And, best of all, it is fun!

So, how does a mind map look like? Better than explaining is showing you an example."

By Luciano Passuello

17 February 2009

Poems: In this way

Poems: In this way - "Time to move with the rhythm bound..."

By hsofyan from Indonesia
Photo by fdecomite @ flickr

16 February 2009

"Putting it simply, time boxing is the most effective time management tool that I know of. Even if you already know and use it to some extent, there is a good chance that you can make it even better with some of the tips that follow.

For those new to it, time boxing is simply fixing a time period to work on a task or group of tasks. Instead of working on a task until it’s done, you commit to work on it for a specific amount of time instead.

But don’t let the simplicity of the concept deceive you — there’s much more to this tool than meets the eye."

By Luciano Passuello

Whether you are a science type or a creative type we all can benefit from these practical tips! Easy to learn and easy to do!

15 February 2009

Newest Health Care Plan: Food as Medicine

Newest Health Care Plan: Food as Medicine: "OK, so what does the minor political rant have to do with food as medicine you ask? Plenty. When jobs are scarce or people are underemployed – like most of America right now with 100,000 each week entering those unhappy ranks – people make really bad food choices.

Because of job and ensuing financial stress they go to sugar, lots of carbohydrates and low quality meats. With stress on the rise during this tough economic time worldwide, wallets and bank accounts depleted, it’s time to think of food as medicine."

By Denny Lyon
Photo by ginnerobot @ flickr

13 February 2009

Animals: Not Funny, How Embarassing! Kiss My White Puppy Butt, I'm a Big Macho Dog Mom - I'm one year old on February 14th!

Happy Valentines Day, fellow writers and poets!

You can't say no one kissed up to you today....! :)

The Ostrich, A Poem

The Ostrich, A Poem: "If I were an ostrich

I wouldn’t have to see

All the bad news on the BBC

I wouldn’t have to hear

About hunger, war and fear

I wouldn’t have to know

About people stuck in snow

I could happily let days pass

Idly grazing on the grass..."

Wonderful piece of wordsmithing rhyme about serious politics and those who keep choosing to remain clueless to the plight of others. Great read; check it out!

By Amanda Severn
Photo by Christian Kooyman @ wiki

12 February 2009

When The Angels Cry For Us

When The Angels Cry For Us: "A lot of humanity spends a lot of time agonizing over 'what other people think' about them. What if we are observed by what we cannot physically see yet sense on a deeper level?"

By Denny Lyon
Photo by alicepopkorn @ flickr

Writing Love Poetry: Part 2

Writing Love Poetry: Part 2: "Last summer I experienced an unusual and intense romance. That man was so charming and magnetic that he had me at Hello! It isn't what you consider to be the usual romance - or is it? Read on and enjoy a good chuckle. I know that intense moment stayed with me for so long that I had to write about that shameless pick-up artist. I met him at an outdoor food market one early August summer morning."

By Denny Lyon
Photo by Kjunstorms @ flickr

09 February 2009

Apologies for Blogger Issues lately

Apologies everyone as Blogger seems to be having issues the past couple of days with the title fonts. I've tried correcting them over and over but to no avail so far. They are too small, too orange, the wrong color, you name it but hopefully you can still read it well enough to understand what is going on.

Hopefully, Blogger issues will not go on much longer. Again, my apologies for any inconvenience to you. Fortunately, the rest of the text looks fine and is easily readable! Thank God for the small victories in life! :)

A Soul Adrift . A poem about my newfound quest for God

A Soul Adrift . A poem about my newfound quest for God: "Maybe it was the angel that appeared. Perhaps it was the hands of God, nudging me closer to salvation. Do I need religion? Have I become empty? I do not know. I do know that something changed in my life."

A powerful intense read of the inner struggle to an unknown destination, a great read you will enjoy!

By funnybone
Photo by Steve Kelley

08 February 2009

Ten Illustrated Quotes: Humor

Ten Illustrated Quotes: Humor - Collecting humorous quotes is always a laugh out loud moment well spent. Well, I’m always advising people to live out loud…

my idea of a title for the above photo: Can you hear me now???

By Denny Lyon
Photo by Pickersgill Reef @ flickr

07 February 2009

Poem: Poetry native heritage

Poetry native heritage:

"My Grandmother...An Apache Queen....
A Native American, in the American Dream
By Escaping the reservation, some of her family died...
Though born to hardship...Her Soul survived...

The cost for freedom, she learned was dear......
And throughout her life, there was always the fear.
That someone would come and take her away.
To a far off land, where she’d have to stay..."

From an Apache Native American poetess come two family history poems about her grandmother and grandfather. She observes how much our American culture has changed in the past century. You will enjoy the insight into one of America's parallel cultures.

By whytshawll
Photo by kathycsus @ flickr

06 February 2009

10 Different Types Of Poetry

10 Different Types Of Poetry: "So should you be a poet or even wanting to be a poet - then these different ways of writing poetry will help you to recoqnise, digest and even extrapolate your own words so that you can match your wordsmithing with a given but identifiable style or method - no matter what your personal and particular choice of style is.
But possibly you haven't found your own style yet? So maybe you could write your words in your own inimitable fashion and then somehow massage them to meet one of the more easily (or not so easily!) recoqnised literary styles as outlined below."

This article contains a more detailed overview of various types of poetry as a way to help the aspiring writer of poetry new outlets of expression. New forms of poetry are invented constantly. Take a look at what has been invented to date!

Learning various forms, even if you don't use them regularly or ever again, will help stretch your mind to think in new ways. It will also help enlarge your creativity. Poets are all for greater creativity! So, take a look at what this writer has to say and spend a little time enjoying yourself after taking in this how-to of poetry.

By ajcor
Photo by kevindooley @ flickr

05 February 2009

Trying to Be a Poet: Does Dr. Seuss Count?

Trying to Be a Poet: Does Dr. Seuss Count? - If ever you were timid to try your hand at writing poetry or even a different kind of poetry, read this great article! A gifted humorous writer who is not comfortable writing poetry decided to give it a try when a poetry challenge came along at HubPages. The result is quite fun and astounding! He basically channeled Dr. Seuss through Shakespeare's snout! You will really (Reilly) enjoy the read.

By Christoph Reilly
Photo by greefus groinks @ flickr

04 February 2009

Video: The Don't Quit Poem

Inspirational video! Great for creative people to help with discouragement and burnout. Good images and music. Worth the listen.

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01 February 2009

Obama Valentine Gift: Black Man Makes White Women Equal

Obama Valentine Gift: Black Man Makes White Women Equal - "What better way to show love for over half of the human population than by declaring that gender is truly worth equal pay for equal work? That is love in action!"

By Denny Lyon
Photo by P/\UL @ flickr

Writing Prompts - Exercise Your Inner Poet

Writing Prompts - Exercise Your Inner Poet - This article is a fun romp through the inner creativity halls searching for inspiration! Guaranteed to help you past writers' block logjams and make you grin too!

By Shirley Anderson
Photo by Horror on Heels @ flickr
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