27 July 2010

More Lies From BP: Claims Fund on Empty

*** More about the latest insults from BP on the oil spill claims fund mess.

From Denny: OK, BP, "Show me the money!" I knew these conniving rat bastards were up to no good. They claim to have struck a deal with President Obama to fund the claims fund at $5 billion per year to the total of at least $20 billion. BP went around spending millions on ad campaigns yet refused to fund the claims fund. BP claims they are dedicated to cleaning up the Gulf. It is plainly obvious now BP is NOT committed to paying what they agreed they owed the Gulf residents.

Claims Fund Manager, Ken Feinberg, says he won't release any checks because he knows they will bounce. He keeps pleading like some sorry lost sheep, whining to the press about how naughty BP has been not putting money into the account. You have got to be kidding me. He looks ridiculous. Where is his backbone and outrage? He's a lawyer; he should be doing something more appropriate like at least making a citizen's arrest of the BP execs. If he won't, I sure will - and I'm confident I can find a few million other folks who will join me to arrest them. What is President Obama going to do about this shameful act from the oil industry?

Did BP really think Louisianians and the rest of the Gulf coast would let them off the hook when they claimed they have already paid out $5 billion in costs for clean up? They really think they can walk away that easily? Not so fast, scumbags.

The President has in his power to yank those lucrative contracts BP has with our military. Yes, BP, a foreign oil company, has the largest contract with our military - not an American company. What's wrong with this picture?

Back in late May, near Memorial Day, the White House was livid about the one month old oil spill and wanted to start pulling some of those juicy contracts BP has with our government. Obama should have followed and trusted his instincts. Instead, BP lawyers sweet talked them out of it, claiming they would make everything right again. Yeah, right, and look where we are again after all these months: we have a federal moratorium on the Gulf that has strangled our economy to a standstill and as a result people all over the Gulf coast are struggling to pay their bills and put food on the table for just necessities.

Middle class Americans have their own government fighting them on this moratorium that is imploding their local economy. A foreign oil company trashed our environment and several industries all in one day and thought they could just walk away with ease. We got hit from two sides. Where is our federal government when we need them? Apparently, nowhere in sight. No financial relief either.

And this creep BP CEO Tony Hayward is still CEO until October. So, that means more lies, more misdirection and more games - and really bad public relations campaign TV ads we have to endure like salt in the wounds as the final insult.

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