05 July 2010

Funny Video: Jon Stewart Lampoons The G-20 Summit

*** Comic Jon Stewart discusses the boring unproductive G-20 meeting and the bizarre protesters using global media to protest globalization.

From Denny: Stewart renames the G-20 Summit Meeting as the OMG-20 Summit Meeting. There were daring photo-ops like a cold beer vs. warm beer drinking summit between President Obama and the Canadian Prime Minister. Yeah, that was riveting stuff to remember.

Stewart had fun breaking down the many important moments of the summit meeting so we would not miss the wonderful details. He acknowledged the presence of swinging bachelors like France's Nicolas Sarkozy and China's distinguished leader, where Stewart grinned slyly and said, "Leave the wives at home, gentlemen. You're in Toronto."

Stewart brought in one of my favorite comedians, Brit John Olivier. Oliver is forever the typical crazed English soccer fan, anger bubbling just under the surface, ready to fight and say, "Go f--k, yourself" which he did to Stewart who just had to taunt the Brits about losing to America in the World Cup this year.

Stewart mocked the ridiculous Urban Outfit-demolishing protests: "It's like these G-20 protests have become little more than festive yearly gatherings like an anarchist Thanksgiving... Are they aware how strange the juxtaposition is between the barbaric behavior of the streets and the sophistic internet culture they exist in?"

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*** Photo of Bozo Sapien Award by I'm Fantastic @ flickr

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