25 December 2011

Merry Christmas to ALL! Christmas News Video Clips

From Denny:  Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season.  Hope you enjoyed a tasty feast and stuffed yourselves silly.  Just wait until the New Year for those calorie regrets.  Enjoy your day and thank you for all your support this year! :)

Thought I'd put up a few cool Christmas video news clips of people who live the Christmas spirit of goodwill and giving to others.

20 December 2011

Cleveland Mayor Spanks Big Banks On Abandoned Foreclosures

JP Morgan Chase Big Banks Action
Image by SEIU International via Flickr

From Denny:  A crooked Congress and a delusional President continue to ignore the millions of foreclosed homes at their peril. America's Winter Revolution is about to erupt like a super volcano before the New Year has a chance to arrive.

Yes, Americans are that fed up at inequality, unemployment, under employment, unfairness, a police state mentality against peaceful protests and double standards for the law.

Mayors across the country are equally desperate about how to deal with the huge inventory of abandoned foreclosed homes getting vandalized.  The foreclosure scavenger thieves are quite sophisticated.  They check out the evictions of the foreclosed homes at the sheriff's department online and arrive the same afternoon to rip apart the house like a demolition team.

19 December 2011

Dennys: News Politics Comedy Science Arts & Food: Check Out Christmas Posts: Funny, Music, Cartoons, Quotes, Recipes, Poems, Stories

Dennys: News Politics Comedy Science Arts & Food: Check Out Christmas Posts: Funny, Music, Cartoons, Quotes, Recipes, Poems, Stories: From Denny:  Check out so many Christmas themed posts that you will pig out like it is a holiday feast.

I've been blogging for three years now and have found loads of Christmas music of all genres - and still adding.  Interesting food to enjoy along with Christmas humor to keep you laughing as well as munching through your busy holidays.

This year I'm adding more Christmas stories and poems, the classics.  Every year there are new recipes to try so the holiday food train just keeps on rolling!
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18 December 2011

Political Cartoon, Video: Obama And His Fellow Election Pundits

Barack Obama
Image by jamesomalley via Flickr
From Denny:   As the 2012 election gears up to wear out the American public this month and for the next year nonstop, I thought I'd remind my fellow media guys - and now President Obama - just how bad they often look when giving their opinions, especially of their own accomplishments.  It really is the season of having to endure more delusional smug political propaganda from both sides of the aisle.

Tis the season of the cartoonish political pundit, spouting off silly opinions that rarely ever come true but sure makes for funny entertainment.  This pastel drawing is a classic of mine.  It was drawn when George Bush 43 began his campaign for president back in 1998.

The Repbulicans tout how they are gods we the voters are supposed to bow down and worship.  You see, they keep their message pretty simple:  Worship me; get nothing and like it.

16 December 2011

Official First Family White House Portrait for 2011: The Obamas

Official Obama Family Portrait 2011

From Denny:  Here is the new Obama family portrait for 2011 for all those of you who have been searching for it by the thousands.  It was taken after attendance at Sunday church services.  The daughters sure are growing up fast - and beautiful!

15 December 2011

Where Is The Middle Class in America? Half Living Low Income Or Poor

The St. Columbanus Church food pantry in Chicago feeds 500 households a week, but some weeks it struggles to keep up with demand.
From  Denny:  Where is the middle class in America?  Half of Americans are now scraping by on low income or downright poverty, according to the latest census data.  That's 146 million doing without because of high unemployment, costs that have risen fast, stayed high and suppressed wages.

Mayors of 29 cities say they cannot meet the needs for emergency food assistance, food stamps, and are turning away 25 percent of applicants.  There are already 46 million people on food stamps, a former middle class that never asked for any help until now. Federal and states' programs are frayed at the edges.

And the Republicans claim the Democrats are screaming "class warfare"?  These figures don't lie.  Just where did the GOP expect the unemployed to go?  How do they expect people to eat?  

13 December 2011

Funny Jon Stewart Mocks Perry Romney 10K Bet

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...
Image via Wikipedia
From Denny:  This is too funny.  Jon points out that on the GOP national debate stage a Mormon is gambling with an evangelical about who is the biggest liar of the two, to the tune of 10,000 large.  According to comic John Oliver, this feeds into the narrative of Romney being an out of touch rich guy millionaire.

After all, the average person in Iowa makes a $10 bet not a $10, 000 one.  Only rich guys throw money around like that demonstration.

How dumb can you get?  In the worst economic depression in 70 years you have a millionaire making expensive bets in front of an audience trying to figure out how to keep their kids in college and pay their mortgage.

John Oliver basically buries Romney as "everything tells the tale about Romney as the guy who just fired your Dad."

12 December 2011

The Soul Calendar: Total Lunar Eclipse Put On Intense Red Display, Photos: 10 Dec 2011

lunar eclipse

LUNAR ECLIPSE: Five moons, a composite image of a lunar eclipse, showing the path of the moon into and then out of earth's shadow. (Telescope Image).   Source: Supplied

The Soul Calendar: Total Lunar Eclipse Put On Intense Red Display, Photos: 10 Dec 2011: From Denny: The 10 December 2011 total lunar eclipse was the last total lunar eclipse to be seen until April 2014. At least we can view a partial lunar eclipse on 4 June 2012. It was reported to be an intense red, putting on quite a show in the sky. In fact, the type of red color was considered a rare treat.

Of course, when I went out to view it here in south Louisiana all I got was a completely cloudy sky. It's time for me to move up to higher ground, like the mountains. The Gulf Coast just doesn't cut it for proper skygazing. :)

From atmospheric scientist and eclipse expert Richard Keen of the University of Colorado: "During the lunar eclipse, most of the light illuminating the moon passes through the stratosphere, where it is reddened by scattering. If the stratosphere is loaded with dust from volcanic eruptions, the eclipse will be dark. A clear stratosphere, on the other hand, produces a brighter eclipse."
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11 December 2011

Polls: Voters Yell: Throw Them ALL Out!

Official photographic portrait of US President...
Image via Wikipedia
From Denny:  Americans are fed up with a bad economy, massive job loss, bickering politicians and a weak President who does nothing about it all.  The anti-incumbent mood is downright antagonistic toward current office holders, according to the most recent poll released by Gallup.  In fact, it's the worst anger against politicians in 19 years.

How many members of Congress deserve to lose their jobs?  More than 75 percent of the registered voters said, "Yes, throw the bums out!"  By that large margin voters said Congress deserves to be kicked down the road.

07 December 2011

Obama Step Aside: Should Hillary Clinton Replace Him for 2012?

Official portrait of Secretary of State Hillar...
Image via Wikipedia
From Denny:  Voters are severely dissatisfied with both the GOP candidates and President Obama.  Because of a rocky economy, 36 million foreclosed homes dumped onto the market since 2007 plummeting home values for everyone not foreclosed (another 20 million foreclosures on their way) - and uncertain employment - everyone is looking elsewhere for answers and real leadership.

The name of Hillary Clinton is on the lips - and in the hearts - of many Democrats disillusioned with the Obama term.  Many women are looking for more women in government to meet their needs instead of the current male dominated politicians playing ego games and stuffing their wallets while in office.

05 December 2011

Poll: Americans Want To Cut Congress Pay, Work Longer Hours

The western front of the United States Capitol...
Image via Wikipedia

From Denny:  You can always tell just how bad a job Congress is really doing when the voters want to fire them all, cut out their health care and raid their pension funds.  After all, turn about is fair play for it is what Congress and the Obama White House have done to the American worker.

A recent poll from The Hill, which covers Washington politics and lawmaking extensively, reveals some dire predictions for the upcoming 2012 election.  No one in Congress or the White House should consider their jobs to be safe.  This is an angry electorate.

Since Congress has behaved so badly the past year the public now wants to treat them like a business owner with a bad employee:  fire them, scale back their pay, eliminate or reduce their health care benefits and cut out the pension funds.

04 December 2011

Check Out This Video: Worlds Fastest Flying Human

English: Source: I (Matt Hoover) took this pho...
Image via Wikipedia
From Denny:  Check out this Norwegian wingsuit flyer/paraglider as he leaps off a high cliff and soars a mile or so over the mountains near a river.  He finally pulls his chute open to finish the last glide to land easily on the road where a car is waiting to take him home.

What a rush!  He looked like a speeding bullet to the camera crew on the ground as he crested the mountain range.  He just zoomed on past them, going maybe well over 130 mph?  Turns out he was clocked at 250km/hour - which is 155 mph.

Norwegian Espen Fadnes thought this outdoor activity would be a fun experience for the weekend.  He has donned his wingsuit and performed this crazy feat so many times he has earned the dubious honor of World's Fastest Flying Human.  In fact, last year he jumped off the Swiss Alps in an international competition, taking home the win.

This is one thrilling video.  After the wingsuit ride they show you the making of the video and the mapping out of the air ride.  Take a look.

And hey, before you get all inspired and decide to go try this feat by jumping off the nearest neighborhood bridge, check out the second video.  It's an academy to teach you how to properly do the jumps and work your way into the final flying feat.

These people are maybe arguably crazy but it sure was a treat from the photographer's point of view, a view you could never see any other way.  Can you imagine if ancient aliens really did visit Earth and ancient man saw something like this?  Indescribable.

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