30 March 2011

Libya War: Funny Late Nite Jokes Roundup

The leader de facto of Libya, Muammar al-Gaddafi.Image via Wikipedia

From Denny: Check out what the comedians lampoon about The Peace President, Obama, going into Libya. Boy, I tell ya, a guy tries to help out some desperate people in a foreign country from getting slaughtered and all he gets is flak from the Republicans and comedians.

Of course, like so many sticky political situations, it's all about The Ego. The mostly male media ratchets up The Ego Meter by declaring Prez Obama is a wimp if he doesn't succeed at deposing Gadafi now that he's declared, "Gadafi must go!" So, suddenly out come The Big Guns: the CIA operatives magicly appear in Libya "advising" the rebel forces. Read that as, "These guys are so clueless the only way to keep them alive is knock some sense into them and show them how to win."

Meanwhile, it's a great opportunity for the paramilitary intelligence community to take apart the military apparatus Gadafi has built up over 40 years. My warning to The New CIA under Panetta: "Be careful what you teach these guys and try not to arm them at all, especially with American technology. We don't need to end up with yet another Afghanistan in a few years, chock full of terrorists and crazies, starting The Idiot Cycle all over again for yet another generation."

29 March 2011

Japan: TEPCO Chief MIA. Why and Where Is He?

Greater Tokyo Area is the world's most populou...Tokyo, city of 39 million - Image via Wikipedia
From Denny: TEPCO Chief Masataka Shimizu, who has not been seen in public since 16 March, is the subject of speculation. Japanese media is swirling with suicide rumors as an explanation for his absence.

It was March 15 when the Prime Minister Naoto Kan angrily demanded to know from Shimizu and other TEPCO executives, shouting, "What the hell is going on?" PM Kan was furious at how slow Shimizu was at informing him of the crisis at the plant and the seriousness of the situation.

28 March 2011

Libya: Gadafi Regime Cracking Under Pressure Says Intel

WEST POINT, NY - DECEMBER 01: Secretary of St...Sec. Gates, left, Sec. Clinton, right - Image by Getty Images via @daylife
From Denny:  The intelligence community is reporting "the morale of Gadhafi forces is on the decline," according to one official. "Do ya think?" Your morale would be on the decline after witnessing coalition bombings taking out whole regiments of troops along with bombing cities. It's a lot different when the horror you once inflicted upon others becomes your own blood and guts horror.

Sounds like America's intelligence community so owes me a paycheck. :) They have finally come to the same conclusion as I have that The Gadafi Crowd can't handle the international heat and fear the massing crowds of Libyans who hate him.

Dennys Global Politics: Peoples Revolution Recaptures Port Cities: Libya Political Cartoons

Tornado GR4 Takes Off from RAF Marham to Enfor...Image by Defence Images via Flickr
Dennys Global Politics: Peoples Revolution Recaptures Port Cities: Libya Political Cartoons: "Since the U.S. and the minority coalition established the No-Fly Zone over Libya last week, the rebels have fared better. To gain control over the skies, it was necessary to destroy Gadafi compounds, tanks, anti-aircraft batteries, weapons dumps and whole regiments of troops on the move. In short, America, the British and the French decimated most of the Gadafi regime.

At present, the rebels have marched along the coastal cities, taking back ownership after Gadafi drove them out with aerial bombings and tank bombardments. Turn about was fair play and Gadafi's troops got a taste of the horror they inflicted upon others, now visited upon themselves."

27 March 2011

Japan: We Are Far Beyond Level 5 Nuclear Threat

Photo of Three Mile Island nuclear power plant...Three Mile Island - Image via Wikipedia
From Denny:  Today it was finally acknowledged the radiation is now 10,000,000 times safety levels. Workers trying to cool off reactor number two have been evacuated.

New reports stream in about how TEPCO did not do safety inspections over many years.  Today another blow to their credibility: While planning for a killer tsunami, the company dismissed scientific evidence as well as 3,000 years of geologic history. The science evidence has been available for a decade.

They arbitrarily decided that the Earth simply could not release such fury from the chafing of two coupled tectonic plates building stress and great pressure nor from the ensuing killer tsunami that was registered as high as 33 feet tall, 27 feet in other accessments.  A fault line lies offshore just about 220 miles from the plant. TEPCO engineers again arbitrarily decided a tsunami certainly could be no higher than 18 feet high and would pose no problem.

President of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, Arjun Makhijani, labels this Japanese nuclear incident the most serious since Chernobyl in 1986. Most notably he discusses (in the second video) how the nuclear threat level long ago surpassed the level five the Japanese claimed last week. He is sounding the alarm. Is anyone listening?

He says the release of radioactive Iodine 131 is 100,000 times more than what happened at Three Mile Island. Drinking water, sea water and food are all contaminated in Japan, with constant new exposure daily.

Cooling the hot fuel rods so they don't release radioactive steam into the air has been hampered by the salt water used in desperation last week. The salt has coated the fuel rods making them hotter and more difficult for the fresh water now being used to make contact with the metal rods. In short, the fresh water cannot easily cool the rods because of the salt coating.

Makhijani says there are seven sources of radiation leakage and these difficulties will not be contained or controlled for some time. The real question is this: Just how much time is left?

25 March 2011

Japan: Probable Breach, Time to Kill The Reactors, Cartoons

A pellet of plutonium-238, glowing under its o...A pellet of Plutonium, glowing under its own light  Image via Wikipedia
* original post on http://thesocialpoets.blogspot.com,  http://madhealth.net stole my content and redirected search engine traffic away to their site
From Denny: As engineers scramble to discover the details of what is happening inside the most dangerous reactor, number three, the one containing plutonium, the politicians scramble their message and the truth of information.

This week the Japanese decided to change the standard of what the plant workers are exposed to when they discovered it was 250 times the acknowledged international standard. Leave it to the dogma crowd to downplay the severity of this situation by declaring "new standards" of radiation levels so that the plant workers are only exposed to 2.5 times their new standard.

Just what do the Japanese hope to achieve here? Is the Big Business owner positioning itself for later lawsuits? Sure looks like it. How depraved of an indifference to the sanctity and respect for human life in the pursuit of money.

At present, about 160,000 have evacuated the nation, most of them are Japanese. Those folks may be called The Remnants in the future. In fact, they may end up the only future for the Japanese culture down the road if the world does not strong arm Japan to kill these reactors now.

Radiation levels are said to be now at an alarming 10,000 times the norm just in this one reactor. Uh, people, how accurate are these figures when Japan has repeatedly lied about them? When two of the workers stepped into that caustic radioactive water it literally burned right through their boots and seared their skin like they were human barbecue, sending them to the hospital.

Radiation is found now in the drinking water and the sea water at alarming levels.  Mollifying the public with lies about how the levels have gone down is deceptive at best and killing people slowly at worst.  This is so wrong.

And does it really matter what are the radiation levels or what the cause is or what may be wrong? For two weeks the world has been sitting on the edge of our seats worrying about the nightmare scenario for this country. It's time to kill all those reactors and screw the Big Business investments and profits. Which is more important: the health and future of a people or the Big Business profit?

MOX Plutonium from this reactor three is two million times more deadly than normal enriched uranium. What's the half-life of plutonium-239 in MOX? Try 24,000 years. But it's only a little smoke cloud here and there the reactor has released say the "experts." What harm can that do? It can contaminate the soil for tens of thousands of years.

It's time to make a choice. Time is running out on this reactor and the others in the complex. This is like a slow burn volcano about to blow. Why are people so slow to take this situation more seriously? I've had a bad vibe about this nuclear situation since it started.  As the days wear on that nagging bad feeling is growing stronger and the alarm bells in my head are clanging louder. Evacuate. Evacuate. Evacuate off the island we once knew as Japan.

Update - 26 March 2011: Now officials are admitting the radiation levels at the reactors is not 10,000 times the safety level but now 10,000,000 times the standard. The sea water they claimed was only 100 times the safety level is now clocked at 10,000 times the safety standard.

The past two weeks I've spent a lot of time praying for the people caught up in this nuclear mess in Japan.  Pray with me that more will decide to leave the country and quickly.  The situation is far more serious than officials wish to tell.  Millions of people will die soon from this plutonium nuclear explosion. The rush is on to evacuate a few hundred thousand if we can.  Already two weeks of time have been squandered for evacuation. If you know anyone in Japan, call, email them to get out and get out now.  If you know charities, call them to start accepting refugees throughout the world.  This country is in serious peril.

Bill Day

24 March 2011

Dennys: News Politics Comedy Science Arts & Food: Post Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 24 March 2011

Dennys: News Politics Comedy Science Arts & Food: Post Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 24 March 2011: "Check out news, politics, great food, funny political humor, sassy opinion, astronomy and science, great quotes, awesome photography, poetry and spiritual thoughts.

Sometimes, I think if I didn't do posts roundup on all these crazy blogs I would never realize just how much I've been writing or on what subjects as the writing moves so quickly. The news is running at a rapid rate these days with all the revolutions in the Middle East and destructive world weather.

Fortunately, we have the comedians and the chefs to perk up our spirits and tantalize our taste buds so we don't get overwhelmed with too much negativity in the news and our politics..."

23 March 2011

Dennys Funny Quotes: 2 Funny Freud Cartoons From Raymond Betancourt

Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, smok...Image via Wikipedia
Dennys Funny Quotes: 2 Funny Freud Cartoons From Raymond Betancourt: "Check out the funny mind of cartoonist Raymond Betancourt and how he contemplates Freud, sure to give you a laugh. His blog is Twisted or you can view his latest cartoons and drawings at flickr."

Obama: End Libya War Now and 14 Political Cartoons

With his family by his side, Barack Obama is s...Inauguration Day Image via Wikipedia
From Denny:  While America's war hawks and profiteers are thrilled to have spent $1 billion this week bombing Libya, it's time to complete The Hand Over to anyone else but us.  Americans did not expect to be the country spending 95 percent of the money in this police action and we are not happy about it. American taxpayers are fed up with footing the bill for everything all the time and for far too long. We spend decades in idiot unnecessary expensive wars started by previous presidents, then start "police actions" in a current administration.

It's admirable President Obama chose to help the Libyan people who are revolting against their dictator but it's now time for America to pull back, sit down and allow some other country to be the star of the international show. I vote for France.  Who cares if France wants to headquarter from Paris instead of New York?  Who cares if it's NATO or France doing the duty?  Why must American military commanders always dictate the terms?  We no longer must commit 95 percent of the money, the troops or the weapons.  The coalition partners all have robust and well equipped modern military.  There is no need for this "show boating."

22 March 2011

56 Political Fitness Comedy American Style Cartoons

From Denny:  With all the emotional saturation of the tragic news coming out of Japan we all need a comedy break. I've been collecting this silly political humor for a couple of weeks and it looks like now is the time for its debut when we all could use a stress reliever.

Hey, my eyes are so bleary from sifting through the news to find the truth these past few weeks from reporting on Egypt and then Japan, well, my cartoons count might be off. Feel free to throw virtual spitballs my way to voice your opinion. :)

American Politics:

Drew Sheneman

Visual Insights: Dennys Photo Gallery: 2011 Super Moon World Photos

Full Moon view from earth In Belgium (Hamois).Image via Wikipedia

Visual Insights: Dennys Photo Gallery: 2011 Super Moon World Photos: "Yes, I've been on one of my visual vacations, tripping through the Flickr database for cool Super Moon photos. All of these photos were taken on 19 March 2011 for this year's Super Moon event all over the world. Usually, a Super Moon occurs about every 20 years. We are expecting another one in 2016. One photographer created a short video of his various shots and paired a great jazz love song with it. Enjoy these visual treats!"

21 March 2011

Japan: Nuclear Update, 20 Japan Political Cartoons

Clean drinking water...not self-evident for ev...Image via Wikipedia
From Denny:  While "experts" chime in that the radiation contaminated food in Japan is fine to eat, the radiation levels within "acceptable parameters," the death tolls mount as more dead are found during the recovery effort. If the food is so safe to eat why don't those experts dine on it? Radiation has been found in food as far away as 90 miles out from the nuclear site in trouble.

Now, most Japanese are on edge about their radiation contaminated food and water supply. The drinking water is contaminated. The spinach and other green leafy vegetable crops are contaminated. The milk is contaminated. What's left to eat that isn't contaminated? People are bathing in radiated water because there is nothing else available and now that is a worry from repeated exposure.

The information is sketchy and conflicting about the status of the nuclear reactors and the spent fuel rod pools. Over the weekend, officials kept claiming they were making headway with enough sea water to cover the pools, cooling them. Then late in the day there was an explosion that wasn't supposed to happen.

The Japanese claim reactors five and six are under control and that reactor three, the plutonium one, is doing well. They claim it couldn't be the fuel rod pool that experienced an explosion because there was no radiation levels found but they do admit the radiation levels spiked. Come on, people. Just how stupid do you think the public really is to accept this garbage story?

Dennys Global Politics: Libya Update: No-Fly Zone Allies Pound Gadafi Forces Over Weekend

A Raytheon Tomahawk Block IV cruise missile du...Image via Wikipedia
Dennys Global Politics: Libya Update: No-Fly Zone Allies Pound Gadafi Forces Over Weekend: "Once the United Nations and The Arab League agreed to a no-fly zone late last week, they wasted little time in implementing it. That has to be the fastest the United Nations has ever moved to agreement or action to help a besieged people.

From the sea over 100 miles away, the UK and America lobbed cruise missiles at Gadafi installations, most especially his air defense ones. After all, if you are going to send up French and American planes to enforce the no-fly zone you first have to take out the military capability of Gadafi to fire upon them."

19 March 2011

Newt Gingrich Cartoons: Newtie 4 President - NOT!

Newt GingrichImage via Wikipedia

From Denny: Two words: Newt Gingrich. Two more words: Laughable Hypocrite. This guy has more ex-wives than should be possible. He lays a line of huge BS on them, they swallow it hook, line and sinker. Then, years later, they are shocked Newt admits he is shallow, two-timing and a total hypocrite.

His own words, recently revealed by the recent ex-wife: "It doesn't matter if I live up to what I tell others to do. They want me to tell them how to live. I can live however I choose. The important thing is others need to hear from my lips how they are supposed to live their lives." Can anyone get more arrogant or self-aggrandizing?

Newt Gingrich is a real piece of political and hypocritical artwork that seems to think his cruelty and deceit toward others will never catch up with him. Remember this is the former GOP House Speaker that ran his strategy to impeach President Clinton AND Vice President Al Gore so he could be the one to step into power as the new president. That fiasco backfired on him and he was forced to step down in shame.

Now he's running for president against Obama. No wonder Team Obama is so confident they will win reelection. Take a look at the Bozo Collection lined up against him in the Republican Camp: Bozo Bachman, Weirdo Palin, Foul-Mouthed Huckabee and now Laughable Hypocrite Newtie. Yeah, that's no competition - at least from among the Republicans. And never under estimate the will of the American people to be so ticked off with the current president to throw him out on his ear in favor of a Bozo. After all, George Bush, and co-president Karl Rove, set the standard for the New Low in American Politics.

Well, with the cartoonists, Ol' Newtie just can't pass The Smell Test. Take a look and get a weekend grin from the latest Buffoon Brigade running for President...

Rob Rogers

Beautiful Illustrated Quotations: Super Moon: Symbolic Spiritual Meaning

Full Moon view from earth In Belgium (Hamois).Image via Wikipedia
Beautiful Illustrated Quotations: Super Moon: Symbolic Spiritual Meaning: "What the Moon represents on a spiritual level is our instinct. The Super Moon is considered special in spiritual belief systems"

The Soul Calendar: Super Moon Phenomenon: Gorgeous Illusion Worth Watching

Full Moon view from earth In Belgium (Hamois).Image via Wikipedia
The Soul Calendar: Super Moon Phenomenon: Gorgeous Illusion Worth Watching: "The moon has not appeared this large since 1992. This huge moon appears because the moon is closer to the Earth than usual in its elliptical orbit. "

18 March 2011

Japan: Plutonium Reactor Careening Out of Control, 18 Political Cartoons

Internationally recognized symbol.Image via Wikipedia
From Denny: The whole world watches, waits, and holds its breath dreading nightmarish nuclear disaster. We are transfixed upon every tiny bit of streaming news coverage to the point of emotional saturation. And the news does not get any better. Even the Japanese government called the situation today "very grave."

At the moment, scientists and world governments are most concerned about reactor number three's spent fuel rods as that is the plutonium reactor. This is the reactor where the military are flying in bucketfuls of water to try and douse the hot area. Specialized military water trucks have proven more successful. Teams work in short bursts of time because the radiation levels are so high and then they must retreat. Another team moves in to take their place in the emergency relay trying to beat the time clock, hoping against hope.

17 March 2011

Dennys: News Politics Comedy Science Arts & Food: 3 Funny St. Patricks Day Posts, Lots of Quotes

ST. PATRICK'S DAY PARADE 2007 - DUBLINImage by infomatique via Flickr
Dennys: News Politics Comedy Science Arts & Food: 3 Funny St. Patricks Day Posts, Lots of Quotes
" Green hats are cool - if you are Irish. Well, someone tell that Irishman not to go to China. Why? Turns out 'the wearing of the green (hat)' is a cultural sign to society that..."

Yeah, this was a "teaser" and you have to go to my online newspaper blog  to read the rest of the post. And, yes, there was one Mary O'Brien in the family tree a while ago. She must have passed down her teasing sense of humor. :)

Japan: Thousands Flee From Terror of Deteriorating Nuclear Situation

From top left: Shinjuku, Tokyo Tower, Rainbow ...From top left: Shinjuku, Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Shibuya, National Diet Building Image via Wikipedia

From Denny:  As many countries increasingly do not trust what the Japanese government is telling them, a number began ordering their citizens out of the country. At the very least they are advising people to move far south of the nuclear plant site in trouble.

Just yesterday France accused Japan of lying about the true situation at two of the reactors. They are spitting mad because the French take nuclear energy seriously and their responsibility to their citizens and the world too.  I'm quite proud of my French cousins for speaking up and speaking out so forcefully.

Japanese culture is known for its grace, order, quiet and most of all a refusal to give out bad news. Unfortunately, this is not the time for soft pedaling hard truths to their people or neighbors like Russia. Right now Russia is in fear of the radiation clouds coming their way if this nuclear disaster increases to exponential proportions.

Which countries have instructed their citizens to either evacuate Japan or move far south?

* Australia
* Britain
* Czech Republic
* Philippines
* Germany
* France
* India
* United States

France sent in Air France flights to assist their citizens who wish to evacuate as they are taking no chances for loss of life or serious illness. The French Cirque du Soleil was performing at Toyko's Disneyland and the Fuji Dome but has now moved the troop to Macau.

Germany moved 4,000 either evacuated or moved south. Germany also moved their embassy from Tokyo down to Osaka. About 1,000 Germans remain.

United States: President Obama and Sec. Clinton are advising voluntary evacuation for all government personnel and citizens or to move far south.

Serbia and Croatia also evacuated citizens and moved their embassies from Tokyo to Osaka too.

China moved their citizens to the far south.

India evacuated 185 employees of L & T InfoTech.

Which country says it's safe to stay in Japan?  Try Canada.  I don't know what those government officials are smoking but they are telling the 11,000 Canadians living in Japan that it's no big deal to remain near the danger zone and no need to evacuate. And they are also claiming it's just fine for Canadians who want to travel to Japan to do so.  What drugs are these guys taking?

What's wrong with staying in Tokyo? Try there are 39 million people living in or near Tokyo. It would be a nightmare to evacuate the entire city, especially since the authorities did not begin on day one like a prudent person would have done.

Tokyo is also only 140 miles away from the nuclear disaster area and that is just too close for comfort for many people.

At the moment 600 Americans were found trapped up above the nuclear disaster site. They are being brought down in 14 buses. Yes, they have to travel within the 50 miles radius of the dangerous nuclear site to get to the south for safety. Keep them in your prayers.

The problem of moving far south is that now that will put tremendous pressure on resources in those areas. I well remember what it was like when Hurricane Katrina hit and half of New Orleans moved into Baton Rouge, my town, literally overnight. They took over the roads, clogging them. They raided the gas stations and the grocery stores, emptying them. There was literally nothing left after 500,000 desperate needy people raided our resources. Fortunately, we were able to supply our town within a couple of weeks as suppliers were able to get to us from other regions of the country. Can you imagine the logistical nightmare that must be happening in Japan, and Tokyo in particular, trying to supply 39 million people?

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The Social Poets: St. Patricks Day Funnies and History - Cheeky Quote Day

Postcard: "St. Patrick's Day Souvenir&quo...Image via Wikipedia

The Social Poets: St. Patricks Day Funnies and History - Cheeky Quote Day

16 March 2011

Japan: Nuclear Update, Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Political Cartoons

Diablo Canyon Power Plant in San Luis Obispo C...Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in San Luis Obispo County, California, USA - this plant sits on an earthquake fault - Image via Wikipedia
What is the truth about radiation levels?

From Denny:  The Japanese keep changing and downplaying the radiation level numbers. At one point last night one Japanese official said the radiation levels at the troubled nuclear plant had reached 1,000 times the healthy levels. He was later forced to back off on that number, claiming it was a mistake in translation. No, it wasn't. Read that as a diplomatic way for a bureaucrat to get out the truth, knowing he would have to walk it back but at least the information would get out to the public.

Prez Obama sends in nuke specialist team 

Finally, America got smart and sent in their own teams to monitor and assess the threat level. The American military was to try and douse the troubled reactors with water from a helicopter dump today but had to sideline that idea as the radiation levels were far too high for safety of the crews.  The Navy is also keeping their ships out of harm's way of the radioactive plumes from the plant explosions.

This is one of those times I'm pleased this White House, the Pentagon and the world intelligence community read this blog.  Yes, I yell at them: a lot.  They often need it as they can be such brick thinkers and too slow to react in a crisis situation.  Thank God, they decided to hear me now and act for the sake of everyone concerned: the entire world.  To their credit they are constantly monitoring the health of the military stationed in Japan as well as the crews helping with the rescue and relief efforts.  That sure takes a load off of my mind. Good going, guys.

15 March 2011

Updates: Wisconsin, Islamaphobia, Newsman David Broder and Political Cartoons

West face of the United States Supreme Court b...Supreme Court building Image via Wikipedia

From Denny:  This past weekend 100,000 protesters came out again into the Wisconsin winter weather, committed to carrying the fight to the public court of opinion. While the governor and the Republicans believe they have won they may find they have ignited an Employee Firestorm across America against all politicians.

Recall petitions are gathering steam for the four Republican State Senators that voted against the workers. Another recall petition against the governor is in the works as well, though it cannot be executed until the governor has finished one year in office. Count on it these workers and the unions will be ready and waiting to pounce as soon as the minute past midnight strikes, signaling Gov. Walker has finished his first year on the job.

The workers have also gone to court to question the legitimacy of violating state Open Meeting Laws. No ruling as of yet on that count.

It's clear why the Republican Party has pushed so hard the past 30 years to stack the federal judiciary and the Supreme Court with conservatives they could bribe. What it amounts to is there is no longer any justice in the land for any but the small percentage of the wealthiest among us. If all employees in every sector stick together, unions or not, like they do in Europe, striking as one mass, is the only way to turn the tide of injustice.

Wisconsin Uprising cartoons: 

14 March 2011

Japan: Nuclear Plants in Peril 3 Days After 9.0 Earthquake, Tsunami

Internationally recognized symbol.Image via Wikipedia
From Denny:  BREAKING NEWS: Today it was confirmed by Japanese officials that three reactors are in complete meltdown. 

The news is constantly shifting and changing as fast as the earthquake shook this small nation in the Pacific Ocean. Sitting atop three continental plates, Japan lives in the most dangerous place in the world for severe and frequent earthquakes and resulting tsunamis: The Ring of Fire.

Japan is now 13 feet wider than before the earthquake. Japan as a country has also moved an additional eight feet from its previous position. This 9.0 earthquake has moved the Earth's axis. How much has yet to be determined. The previous 9.0 earthquake off Chile months ago moved the Earth's axis by three inches. It's no wonder the night sky constellations no longer are seen in the same positions as a year ago.

At this point in the nuclear crisis it is difficult for officials to assess fully the situation while they are trying to prevent a huge nuclear disaster beyond what is already unfolding. There are at least six nuclear reactors in crisis stages, from overheating to partial meltdown status. For some, the cooling systems have failed completely, others the containment walls exploded.

12 March 2011

Japan: Lying About Nuke Plant Meltdowns, Evacuate Americans

Japan Earthquake LIVE NewsImage by [ Mooi ] via Flickr
From Denny:  Watching CNN interview Japan's ambassador to the U.S., Ichiro Fujisaki, one thing is clear: the official word from the Japanese government to all their diplomats is to lie and hard sell the official party line. Right now, in the middle of all this devastation, they are lying to President Obama and other world governments.

Japanese deception about nuclear meltdowns 

Mr. Obama, contact your "Lie to Me" guys over at the CIA and get them to run the tapes, pointing out the facial micro-expressions proving the shame, lies and deception on the face of this ambassador.  You have a serious problem here, Mr. President, as nuclear containment is no longer possible.  Take precautions for America now.  Don't wait for the Japanese to tell you yet another lie before you make a decision or act.  It could be too late. This is no time for taking your time to decide or it could backfire on you.

11 March 2011

Wisconsin: Update, The Peoples Uprising Cartoons - 11 Mar 2011

MADISON, WI - FEBRUARY 21: Protesters react t...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

From Denny:  Wisconsin Gov. Walker and his Shame Republicans think this issue is closed.  They plan on firing up to 7,000 teachers.  Their state's economy is already rocky and now this idiot governor is poised to rocket it into the abyss.  When the protesters chanted, "Shame! Shame!" they were on target for just how bad local governments have become.  Republicans are hell bent upon pleasing their corporate donors to the tune of wrecking the American economy.

What did the Republicans think they accomplished by "winning the battle but losing the war"?  At present, they basically got rid of the teachers' rights to negotiate their wages and benefits.  Now the governor can set any level for their wages and they have to take it or leave the job.  That is not a choice.  Nor is it American to deny a person free speech.  Our Supreme Court gives free speech to nasty people like the Westboro Baptist Church that screams hate speech at the funerals of fallen gay soldiers.  Yet we cannot seem to give free speech rights to our own teachers.

What a bunch of traitorous hyenas running this country.  The country is set on a slow burn that could erupt like a volcano as this harsh Republican lunacy spreads from state to state.  Already my Louisiana governor is following the Christie-Walker leadership like some dancing puppet for our state budget. Fortunately, he is getting fought from both sides of the political aisle.

10 March 2011

Funny But True: Exorcist Chasing Demons Out of Big Bank Chase

Category:JPMorgan ChaseImage via Wikipedia

From Denny: Don't you just love it? We are all outraged at the greed of America's Big Banks. Feel helpless? Feel vulnerable? No worries. Your local exorcists are here to save the day.

A bunch of New York City clergy banded together to go after JPMorgan Chase Bank. The ministers are angry at failed mortgage policies that simply don't well address the national foreclosure crisis. I've been posting about this crisis for some time on my American news blog, The Social Poets. Did you realize that over 21 million people are out of work for the past five years? Did you know that over 20 million homes are in foreclosure and more in the pipeline?

Well, these New York ministers decided they had enough of the corporate greed and plunder of America. They gathered at JPMorgan Chase today to close their accounts. They also went about their spiritual work, chasing off evil spirits inhabiting the bank.

09 March 2011

Wisconsin: Dark Side Karl Rove, GOP War On Working Families, Anti-Union Ad

President George W. Bush stands with Mrs. Laur...Image via Wikipedia

From Denny:  It's official. Karl Rove, the lying hyena Bush political strategist is running an ad against the unions and paid for by the Koch Brothers. They have dropped the pretense it's all about balancing the budget. Now they admit it's all about busting the unions to benefit their billionaire employer handlers.

Of course, the figures are wrong. Even the conservative GOP think tank from which they inflated the figures, Cato Institute, corrected Rove and said he lied.

This lying ad from American Crossroads GPS, the obscenely well-funded Republican super PAC, is a 60-second spot that goes up today.  They take square aim at public employees as well as President Obama because he received support from the unions in his 2008 campaign.

08 March 2011

Wisconsin Poll: Gov. Walker Gets Thumbs Down From Voters

MADISON, WI - FEBRUARY 21: Protesters react t...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
From Denny:  Talk about bad. Gov. Walker does not fare well in the very Republican-leaning Rasmussen polling. So, you know that polling is really about five to seven points worse than these guys want to tell you since they spin it in favor of Republicans.

Clearly, the Wisconsin protests have taken their toll politically on this governor.  People are furious nationwide and protesting in support of the teachers in Wisconsin. It's just plain un-American to take away a worker's right to negotiate about his wages.  It's un-American to take away Free Speech.

Oh, did I mention how Gov. Walker has stopped payment of the paychecks to Democrats who fled the state?  Seems like those politicians have a lawsuit against him. Walker is still paying the Republicans.  What's wrong with that picture?  It doesn't take much imagination to see what he will do if he succeeds in denying collective bargaining rights to the teachers.

Recall petitions are finally circulating.  Some claim they have up to 50 percent of the signatures necessary to recall the Republican lawmakers.  Gov. Walker is safe from recall until his first year in office is finished.  Guarantee it he will be tossed out when the time comes.  He has left a bad taste in the mouth of the Wisconsin voter.

07 March 2011

America Is NOT Broke Wisconsin Speech: Activist Michael Moore

Michael Moore in 2004Image via Wikipedia
From Denny:  Sounds like Michael Moore has been listening in to the conversations at our house - or hijacked my keyboard strokes. :) Seriously though, great speech and ALL true! You can read the transcript or listen to the video he posted onto YouTube.

Moore spoke at a rally against Gov. Walker's decision to deny collective bargaining rights to the teachers he has decided to fire. First the public workers lose their rights, then the rest of us across the country watch our wages drop like a rock to ten cents an hour like in a third world country.

Women are now supposed to make exactly what men make for the same job since President Obama passed the new equal pay law when he first entered office. Since then the economy took a nose dive into another Great Depression that economists are afraid to label as such but the middle class knows it to be true. Almost 21 million people are out of work, whether long term or short term since Big Business started sending our jobs overseas. The big joke for tourism to India: "Visit India, Visit Your Old Job."

06 March 2011

Peoples Revolution: Wisconsin Update and Political Cartoons

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is a puppet for th...Puppet for the oligarchy Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr
From Denny:  The political debate goes on in the cities and the suburbs of Wisconsin. Republicans hate unions, not really understanding if they lose their current wage levels in the public sector the next to lose is everyone else in the private sector - especially those who are not unionized as they will be the first targets. They still believe the hype from the conservatives. Talk about brain washing.

The liberals in different areas of Wisconsin exhibit a strong contrast. They do understand what we all have to lose if America allows Big Business to dictate all terms all the time. Most are in agreement the Wisconsin Democrats only had one option open to them to stop from getting run over by the political puppets of Big Business - take off past the border of the state.

The longer this stalemate goes on the more sympathy the Democrats and the unions and teachers are coming their way.  Currently, support for the Wisconsin governor is quickly eroding from among Independents.  And now, there are at least up to four Republicans willing to cross the line and vote with the Democrats against the governor.  The Wisconsin Senate is 19 Republicans to the 14 Democrats.  A defection of at least two Republicans would be a huge victory.

And the shouting continues... Whew! Democracy is one messy business.

Paul Szep

Drew Sheneman

04 March 2011

Women in Peril: Ivory Coast Protesters

From Denny: The defiant leader of the Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo, ordered his forces to fire upon thousands of unarmed female protesters. Six were killed. In this culture, when women march as protesters it is considered a last resort against an unrestrained Army.

Photo: A main square in the Abobo neighborhood of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, today now littered by piles of burning trash. Road blocks by supporters of Alassane Ouattara have prevented normal traffic in this once bustling area. Barricades were erected by locals in an effort to limit incursions by security forces and militias loyal to the Ivory Coast leader Laurent Gbagbo.

Photo by Rebecca Blackwell/AP

It was a horrible day of barbarism when Gbagbo ordered tanks to attack the protesters and then the soldiers opened fire upon the unarmed women yesterday. The women were demanding Gbagbo cede power and protesting his refusal to leave office. You see, another man won the presidential election on 28 November 2010, yet the former leader refuses to give up the office.

From Patrick Achi, spokesman for the internationally recognized new government of Alassane Ouattara, "Indeed, we anticipated everything short of imagining that one could shoot live rounds at unarmed women, all the more with tanks."

This three month long struggle for the new government to take office has resulted in almost 400 killed. Firing upon unarmed female protesters shocked the nation, shattering a cultural taboo, a belief system that assumed soldiers could never stoop so low as to fire upon a women's march.

The organizer of the women's march, Sirah Drane, age 41, said the protesters were gathered at a traffic circle in Abobo. She was about to address the crowd when the tanks rolled into the square.

She told of the horror: "That's when we saw the tanks. There were thousands of women. And we said to ourselves, 'They won't shoot at women.' ... I heard a boom. They started spraying us. ... I tried to run and fell down. The others trampled me. Opening fire on unarmed women? It's inconceivable."

For some time now the international community has been pressuring Gbagbo to step down, recognizing the newly elected leader as the legitimate government. Yesterday's killings elicited an immediate rebuke from the American government.

From U.S. State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley, "The moral bankruptcy of Laurent Gbagbo is evident as his security forces killed women protesters."

From the U.N. Security Council: "We are deeply concerned about the escalation of violence in the Ivory Coast and that it could lead to a resurgence of civil war there."

It was just last week when the Gbagbo security forces shelled the Abobo neighborhood. You can see why the locals put up barricades against them. It was shocking to see how Gbagbo's Army was willing to use war-grade weapons upon unarmed civilians.

Since this most recent level of aggression, the new government of Ouattara has been forced to arm for self-defense. What was once a peaceful resistance is now an armed one. Ouattara's camp is led by rebels from the north as well as soldiers who have been defecting from Gbagbo's Army.

A veritable parade of delegations from African leaders have visited Abidjan, Ivory Coast's commercial hub, to convince Gbagbo to leave office. Of course, Gbagbo is defiant, rejecting all suggestions and proposals, even offers of amnesty.

Gbagbo lost the election in November by 500,000 votes. He grew angry at the United Nations, ordering them of the country, accusing them of meddling in state affairs. Read that as Gbagbo was unable to spin the election results in his favor.

Please remember these women - and this country - in your prayers.

International Womens Day is 8 March 2011.

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03 March 2011

Do You Know Your Governors Donor List?

Bobby JindalImage by DonkeyHotey via Flickr

From Denny: Check it out and then you know who to blame - personally. :) These are the Republican donors to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal who paid more than $5,000 to his reelection campaign between 1 Jan 2010 and 31 Dec 2010.

If you don't know who Gov. Jindal is, he's the guy labeled as the weird "Mr. Rogers" who failed in a Republican Response attempt to one of President Obama's speeches. He has been traveling all over America before that bomb of an appearance and since, chasing campaign monies to run for the 2012 presidential campaign. Even the Republican voters here in Louisiana are unhappy with him. Why don't they recall him? It's about time the voters across the nation get serious and recall and replace corrupt greedy politicians with people who will do the job for which they were elected - not run for the next campaign to improve their resume.

I have a great idea. How about we publicize ALL the donors that contribute to lobbyist government across America?

I have a better idea. How about we publish the names, home and business addresses of all the Washington lobbyists? That could take a while as there are at least 300 lobbyists to each federal politician. That does not begin to address all the state, county and city lobbyists.

If you are a blogger then I challenge you to put up your governor's donor list and that belonging to other representatives. It's time these people quit enjoying the quiet cover of anonymity.

Note: "Donors are listed by cities in alphabetical order according to the city - not the donor's last name." What can I say? Only in Louisiana do you find a file like this. And check out how many are from out of state. You can see who is benefiting from state no-bid contracts whether in construction, roads, oil, health or insurance industries and attorney lobbyists.

Jindal Campaign spending 2010

The Jindal campaign spent $1.4 million in 2010.

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