24 July 2010

Govt Justice Dept Wastes $100 Million on Partying With Taxpayer Money

*** Justice Department wastes money on golf and pool parties instead of chasing criminals

From Denny: Here's another stupid doings from our government - this time from the Justice Department. The latest outrage is the spending of well over $100 million over the past five years in a concerted effort to prevent crime by paying for pool parties and the like. Yet more Bush era wasteful spending on the frivolous at the taxpayer's expense. Republicans don't seem to mind wasteful spending as long as it is on them for frivolity and perverted pursuits.

Here's a short list: "pool parties, roller coaster rides, and police donut-eating contests. The idea is that fun activities keep kids out of trouble, build self-esteem and prevent crime." (CBS) Sounds nice but not to the tune of well over $100 million when the Justice Department is also strapped for proper funds to pursue those criminals this program tries to prevent. You do these kinds of programs when the economy is flying high and flush with funds, not in a severe downturn economy.

Where is the proper leadership at the Justice Department from Eric Holder? Come on, is he going to tell us he never looked at his budget to see where all the money was going? If he didn't then he needs to be replaced. He had to wait for a GAO report to find out what was going on in his own department?

Turns out that "$200,000 was spent for officials to attend conferences at golf resorts in Florida and Palm Springs, or a film festival featuring "Santa, The Fascist Years." (CBS) Yet another earmark from Congress at work without public scrutiny.

Last month in Oklahoma City there was found to be a program that threw away hundreds of thousands of dollars in crime prevention funds on stupid things like a big flat-screen TV, 40 pairs of binoculars and Japanese-style swords only worth $200 each.

Just how much redundancy do we have in the federal funding for crime prevention in programs like this? Try twelve more federal agencies as well as another 99 community funding programs.

This is your government at work primarily during the Bush era and foolishly continued into the Obama era. Because these are earmarks government officials claim it is difficult to keep track of the spending. Now who believes that lie?

Pool Parties and Golf - Your Tax Dollars at Work - Questionable Spending at the Department of Justice is Poorly Monitored

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