30 July 2010

Walk The World poem - Libations Friday 30 July 2010

*** A poem about sharing our life with others - when we are both in need - to receive the greatest gift.

Walk The World

The young ones were curious about life that was.
The grandmother began the remembering of a long life.
She told them stories of how sweet life can be.
She told them stories of how tough times were too.

The old woman leaned back in her comfortable chair,
Closed her eyes for a moment and her face grew sad.
She remembered the jobs disappearing and the fear.
She told how her neighbors worked fewer and fewer hours,
Worrying about how they would feed their children.

The old woman opened her eyes and spoke softly,
“I remember friends moving away because times were tough.
They couldn’t afford their homes anymore and they cried.
The sheriff and the bankers threw them out on the street.
It was a terrible sight to see, wondering too if it would happen to me.”

“Back then life was so grim, people everywhere living in fear.
It got to the point that every single penny was far too dear.
The bills kept piling up high in tall stacks. We didn’t know what to do.
We quit spending on anything, nothing misspent, but for food and rent.”

The old woman was remembering their grandfather, her husband.
She smiled fondly, feeling his warm heart touch, hugging herself.
She leaned forward to continue her story as the children sat at her feet.
“There was this one birthday of mine when times were tough.
Your grandfather always liked to buy grand gifts for me and celebrate.
I told him not this time but to save our little money for important things.
He said he agreed and I went to sleep reassured and not expecting anything.”

“I was happy just being able to pay our bills back then and nothing else mattered.
When I woke up on my birthday morning and went into the kitchen there it was.
There was a packaged gift with a birthday card sticking out of the top.
I remembered thinking about trying not to worry about what he spent.
It was a beautiful card with a bear and a honey bee that meant so much to me.
I smiled and we enjoyed his excitement at giving. Then I peered inside the gift bag.
I never laughed so loud in my life. He bought me the gift of my favorite cookies!
Cookies! Imagine that as a birthday gift? Cookies! I was so relieved he kept his word.”

The children asked her why grandfather gave her cookies and she replied,
“Why, it’s because our love was sweet no matter how tough the financial times.
Your grandfather was an optimist who loved life and loved being in love.
I thought it was a perfect morning on a perfect day and that was enough for me.
The mail arrived and there was this wonderful birthday card from someone
I had not heard from in many long years, a childhood close friend I enjoyed.
How unexpected and delightful it was to hear from them after such a long time.
It brought me great joy at being remembered at this especially tough time.”

“Then your grandfather decided to take me out to a small lunch but I hesitated.
He knew what I was thinking. He reminded me there are others in need besides us.
He reminded me the only way to know the need of another was for us to walk the world.
At the humble restaurant we shared a meal between us so we could tip the server.
As I looked about me I could see the need of others and knew what to pray.
One lady was trying hard not to have a panic attack while with her family in public.
Most of the people in the room did not look healthy and I realized they were getting sick.
But did you know the prayer of a stranger can prevent serious illness for you?”

The children were amazed that one person could have that much power if they prayed.
The old woman talked on about how the perfect day was not yet finished for her.
“When we were about to leave the restaurant another waiter arrived with a dessert.
In all the times I had been at this restaurant, no one had ever done this on my birthday.
Our waiter knew it was my birthday and it was a special sweet gift from him at no cost!
It’s like he knew we were there to pray for him and the others to gain back their health.
He was saying thank you when we expected no thanks or recognition for our deeds.
We smiled and enjoyed our gift and, oh, it tasted so very good with that whipped cream.”

“Your grandfather and I returned home to marvel at our day of unexpected surprises.
We talked about how we received more than we gave and it didn’t cost much either.
Suddenly, there was this sense of Peace all around us and inside our hearts too.
We realized we didn’t need to worry any more about losing our home or job.
We now knew it was more important to walk the world and give to the need of others.
All that we were, and all that we were to become, crystallized on that one perfect day.
Little did we know God was training us to handle great wealth to give to others.
That’s when we began planning for our future foundation for charities.
We lived the life of the needy and now truly understood the needs of others.
The birthday celebration was a perfect day because we chose to walk the world.
Now it’s your generation’s turn to walk the world, pray powerfully for others and give.”

Denny Lyon
Copyright 30 July 2010
All Rights Reserved

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