07 July 2010

Outrageous Funny Photos: This Is So Wrong...

*** Get a good laugh at the ridiculous and the outrageous.

Moving right along... :)

Liars Liars, Pants on Fire!

Soccer fans around the world complained about the high intense volume of these vuvuzela horns at the World Cup, so much they photoshopped their true feelings just in case there were any doubts...

Do ya think he could wait? Was he raised by wolves? Alternate headline: How drunk was he?

Hey, Buddy, pull over!

Toddler run-away, pull over and pick up

A Harry Potter Do Over

So totally creepy...

More creepy...

Excess creepy

Germany's Merkel decided to get a bigger hand on the EU economy James Bond style

What the hell just crawled into my coffee!

A proud hairy man ape who rejects creationism because he's living proof of Darwin's bright ideas

Oh, that really hurts just looking at it

New extreme sport: surfing the Louisiana Gulf oil spill

Yeah, it's the Big Dog in the New Orleans French Quarter

A serious fashion "Don't!" even if it's Mardi Gras season in New Orleans

Real Mardi Gras costuming from the recycling center

All together now: "Ewwwww....!"

I told you not to smoke while doing clean up for the BP oil spill on the Gulf Coast

Can't you read? Smoking is bad for your health!

This has to be photoshopped or it's wishful thinking on his part

Oops... sorry about the fashion show, folks...

Now there's a hip band name for ya: Turds of Misery. Ya know, some people really shouldn't try to be cool

OK, this isn't so bad because it's artistic and colorful. Bad idea when going for a job interview.

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