28 October 2008

Writing Humor Poetry

Writing Humor Poetry - Too often poetry is used to exclusively express exultation or terrible sadness. Humor can also be considered as more than a comedic rhyme. Ancient teachings: Humor is good for the soul and brings the gift of merriment to the heart. Why not try your hand at an amusing poem to lift your heart?
A humorous poem is included called "Serious Business: Food Fight in Louisiana," by Denny Lyon, 2 July 2008.
HubPages.com article by Denny Lyon, 28 October 2008.
Photo by Randomskk @ flickr

26 October 2008

Writing Spiritual Poetry

Writing Spiritual Poetry - Laid out here is a concept and technique that can be applied to any belief system and outside or inside the context of religion. Rare are the poems written about universal spiritual concepts and the process of spiritual refinement revealing the authentic original divine creation: you!
Included is the poem "Weeping Freedom," by Denny Lyon, 22 August 2008.
HubPages.com article by Denny Lyon, 26 October 2008.
Photo by Lida Rose @ flickr

25 October 2008

Writing Love Poetry: Part 1

Writing Love Poetry - This first article about love poetry is another writing idea of how to approach the vast subject of a love relationship from the perspective of "opposites attract." This is a subtly techniqued exampled of declaring love.
Included is the poem "Opposites in Love: Night and Day," by Denny Lyon 21 October 2008.
Photo by elbfoto @ flickr
HubPages.com article by Denny Lyon, 24 October 2008.
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