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From Denny: Since both The Social Poets (#18 as of 21 Feb 2011) and Dennys Global Politics (#10 as of 21 Feb 2011) are climbing in the World Politics category for world blogs at Technorati it was time to start corraling these posts by country. Lucky you that I'm linking the most recent first - since there are two years' worth of posts. :)

These are the posts at both blogs: The Social Poets and Dennys Global Politics.


Japan: Greedy Big Business: Save Company Not Lives

Japan: TEPCO Chief MIA. Why and Where Is He?

Japan: Probable Breach, Time to Kill The Reactors, Cartoons

Japan: We Are Far Beyond Level 5 Nuclear Threat

Japan: Nuclear Update, Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Political Cartoons 

Japan: Plutonium Reactor Careening Out of Control, 18 Political Cartoons

Japan: Thousands Flee From Terror of Deteriorating Nuclear Situation 

Japan: Nuclear Update, Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Political Cartoons 

Japan: Lying About Nuke Plant Meltdowns, Evacuate Americans

Japan: Nuclear Plants in Peril 3 Days After 9.0 Earthquake, Tsunami

Middle East:

Dead: Osama Bin Laden, Time To Stop Iraq-Afghan Wars


Libya: Gadafi Regime Cracking Under Pressure Says Intel

Libya War: Funny Late Nite Jokes Roundup

Peoples Revolution Recaptures Port Cities: Libya Political Cartoons

Obama: End Libya War Now and 14 Political Cartoons

Libya Update: No-Fly Zone Allies Pound Gadafi Forces Over Weekend 

Libya Update and 23 Political Cartoons - 5 Mar 2011

Libya News Update: Political Cartoons of Gadhafi Last Stand 

Libya: Why This Revolt Was Ripe To Happen Now 

Libya: Update and 25 Libya Uprising Cartoons


When the Egypt Revolution was at its most dangerous I started placing posts on my other news blog, The Social Poets, where I mostly cover American politics. It was so those in the Middle East, who may have been blocked by their governments from visiting the mainstream Western media sites, could still discover how the news was reported on their region - and not suffer any repercussions or punishments.

Jon Stewart Interviews Egypt Revolution Activist Gigi Ibrahim

Egypt: Protesters New Agenda: Overthrow Interim Government

Egypt Revolution: Late Night Jokes Roundup

39 Egypt Revolution Photos From The Streets

32 Egypt Revolution Ousts Mubarak Cartoons

American Political Cartoons - 12 Feb 2011

Breaking News: Egypt Jubilant, This Blogger Called It Right: Mubarak Leaves

Breaking News: Mubarak Angers Protesters As Saves Face, Justifies Rule, Long Goodbye

Egypt: Tahrir Square Excitement Builds, Protesters Await Confirmation Mubarak Leaving

Breaking News: Egypt Protesters Win, Mubarak Stepping Down!

32 Yet More Egypt Revolt Cartoons: World Prism Views

31 More Egypt Revolution Cartoons

Egypt Revolution Cartoons

Egypt Uprising: Throes of Revolution, Why?

Political Cartoons: Egypt, Haiti, Iran, China, Pakistan in the News


Iran: Gotcha Government Systems With The Stars Virus



Italy: Women Fed Up With Whoring Bersculoni

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