11 July 2010

Posts Roundup of Dennys Blogs - 11 July 2010

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From Denny: With the new and faster features offered by Blogger lately, I decided to go ahead and take the jump. All of my three food blogs are now neatly compiled into one blog: Dennys Food and Recipes.

For the past year I've been experimenting with small niche writing like the so-called internet SEO experts preach. As far as writing goes, I felt constrained in too small a space. Yes, I'm one of those kids who skipped coloring outside the lines in coloring books and took it to a whole new level. I colored whole murals on my bedroom walls. It sure beat the pedestrian mind-dull wallpaper my parents used to cover unsightly and uneven plaster walls in a 160 year old New England house. My father knew how to properly plaster walls since his father was a commercial and residential contracter among other talents - he just didn't want to go to the bother. So, I had my own solution.

I have my own solutions too for these many blogs and I'm combining several of them. What the statistics have proven over the past year is that once a generalist always a generalist. Roaming intellectually is fun for me and I like to bring home my finds for others to enjoy whether it's for mind food or just a good silly laugh.

The new large recipe blog is finished and is called Dennys Food and Recipes. You can find everything from pasta to chocolate to Louisiana food. There are recent food videos and food from other countries like the Olympics food from Canada. The Muffin Monday segments feature bed and breakfast inn recipes from primarily America and Canada to help support small business over Big Business. Supporting small business helps build up and stabilize the economy. It's small business owners who are the heroes of the economic world as they hire at least 70 percent of the workers in America. Supporting them to do well helps you!

The Social Poets:

Cartoons: BP Oil Spill, American Economy Opinion, Russian Spies in America - 10 July 2010

27, 000 Aging Abandoned Leaking Oil Wells in Gulf of Mexico

Roundup of Late Night Funnies - 5 July 2010

Funny Video: Jon Stewart Lampoons The G-20 Summit

Funny Video: Jon Stewart Says Republicans Want Clinton Blamed, Not Bush

Funny Video: Colbert Lampoons BPs Positive Spin On Oil Spill

Funny Video: How BP CEO Hayward Can Improve His Image

Funny Video: Kimmel Compares BP To Al Qaeda

Posts Roundup at Dennys 14 Blogs - 4 July 2010

The Healing Waters:

Easy Healthy Dessert: Orange Gel n Fresh Fruit

Beautiful Illustrated Quotations:

How Do You Assess Change in Yourself?

How Do We Prepare Ourselves For Change?

How Does Change Crash Into Our Lives to Build Anew?

Dennys Food and Recipes:

Muffin Monday: The Best Blueberry Muffins - also there is Kale's Chocolate Zucchini Bread and Sophia's Banana Chocolate Chip Bread from this same bed and breakfast inn.

Muffin Monday: Sweet Potato Muffins

Cake Tuesday: Red, White and Blue Independence Day Cake

Cake Tuesday: Red, White and Blueberry Shortcakes

Cake Tuesday: Shenandoah Apple Cake

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Dennys Funny Quotes:

Obama, American and World Politics - 10 July 2010

Hunh?! Cartoons - 10 July 2010

How You Know You Have Dreaded Teabagger Disease

Ouch Outrageous Obnoxious And Odd:

Outrageous Funny Photos: This Is So Wrong...

Visual Insights:

Music Video: Rusty Hammerstrom - Oil in the Water

Music News: Beatles Ringo Starr Turned 70

Music News: Featuring Marilyn Monroes Jazz Pianist Hank Jones

*** Cup of Spanish Hot Chocolate Photo by heliosphan @ flickr

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