28 February 2012

Funny Late Nite Jokes About GOP Rick Santorum

From Denny:  At the beginning of this leap year month it was "Rick Santorum -who?!"  In just the past two weeks he climbed the GOP primary charts.  With that sudden rise in popularity came the late night jokes to prove he was noticed by national voters.  

Of course, never mind he achieved that notice by screaming out the most weirdo conservative positions.  He took a page out of the Gingrich Playbook.  If it worked for him, maybe it would work for Santorum.  Then came the rambling undisciplined speeches from Santorum that left the voters wondering what he said.  Republican political strategists wildly started pulling out their already thinning hair at the notion of Santorum making it to their convention.

Forget my fellow journalists. The best guys to vett any political candidates are the comedians in my book.  Since I'm the publishing and journalism industry's dreaded hybrid they have yet to catch up to or understand, - a journalist blogger - I'm delivering the unvarnished truth to my loyal readers with a dash of spicy opinion and a liberal dose of humor.  After all, who said we can't enjoy some funnies along with our consideration of who we will consider not voting for in the November election?

Check out the comics' view of this GOP candidate, Rick Santorum (former Senator - PA)

24 February 2012

Funny Friday: Jon Stewart Mocks GOP Fear of 2nd Obama Term

Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart (Image via RottenTomatoes.com)

From Denny:  Leave it to the comics to ferret out the twisted thinking of the Republican political strategists.  It's clear they are desperately reaching for just about anything to make their voters so terrified they will vote for any candidate they place in front of them.  Yeah, their 2012 field is really that awful.

Of course, the Democrats have been running the same game to scare their voters into staying with Obama no matter how little he has done for them.  The only difference is that they Democrats are correct about the Republicans' complete lack of leadership or interest in governing.

To hear the Republicans tell the Fear Game If The Other Guy Wins reaches the levels of the hilarious and the ridiculous.  That funny fact was not wasted upon Jon Stewart who could not resist lampooning their efforts.

22 February 2012

Dennys Global Politics: Afghanistan: WTF? What Was American Military Thinking Burning Religious Books?

Traditional definition of the Middle East G8 d...
Image via Wikipedia
Dennys Global Politics: Afghanistan: WTF? What Was American Military Thinking Burning Religious Books?: From Denny: Who would think a little house cleaning would create such an uproar in the Middle East? As usual the military is so action and task oriented they forgot to use their brains. Book burning of any kind is bad news in my mind.

But when you are burning books that are in a foreign language you can't read, don't you think it would have been smart to consult a few locals to sift the books for you, instead of indiscriminately burning everything?

They would easily spot the religious books and set them aside. But no, the military employed their usual stupidity, need for speed and just marched onward.
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President's Day Flash Mob: Seniors Take To The Streets, Sing Patriotic Songs

From Denny: You know it isn't cool any more when the old guys adopt the younger generation's culture like flash mobs. :)

Seriously, this was a group of seniors from the World War 2 generation that remember growing up in the tough economic times of the Great Depression.

They also remember how they used to pick up their spirits - and those around them - by singing in groups their favorite patriotic songs on holidays like President's Day.

Seniors from three different retirement communities came together in one public place to sing "America The Beautiful" and "God Bless America" in Beaverton, Oregon.  Many of the 100 plus flag-waving participants were almost 100 years old.

This event carried a lot of meaning and a lot of memories for them.  They were well received by the surprised and smiling camera-phone wielding younger generation, happy to document the event and post it on Twitter and other social sites.

Here's the link to the local news station's video of the event if the embedded version does not seem to be working.  President's Day was Monday, 20 Feb 2012.  Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) was yesterday, Tuesday, 21 Feb 2012.  And, today, I'm just getting around to posting it all.  :)

And, oh, BTW, a big thank you to the 13,000 plus hordes that showed up on my various blogs like this one that carried the funny Mardi Gras posts.  It was like our own jamming Mardi Gras in the virtual world.  Hope you enjoyed the holiday!

21 February 2012

Read About Homeless California Reporter on Chime.in, Living Out Of Her Car

10 facts about me

From Denny:  Social sites are a great way to while away some hours of boredom, learn something new, and, most of all, connect.  You never know who you might meet.

Well, here's a shocker.  Either this person is great at laying on the BS to pull on our heart strings as some people might speculate or is someone in deep need, reaching out into the thin air, hoping someone will listen.  How about a lot of us - especially fellow reporters and bloggers - take the time to investigate this story and see what we can do to help?

20 February 2012

2012 GOP Taliban: Politically Clueless Gaffes

From Denny:  What a week.  The comics could not ask for better material.  It was handed to them on a silver platter.  And the Obama White House aides are dancing in the halls because they cannot believe their good fortune.

Don't get cocky, guys, it might not last. Besides, there are always the fast rising fuel prices to torpedo what you thought was an easy win.

14 February 2012

Obama: You Got Your Minions, I Got Mine: Truth Team

President Barack Obama addresses the House Dem...
Image via Wikipedia

Obama, 2012, truth team

From Denny:  President Obama touts new websites of gathering two million followers to do the work of his political team for free.  

It's the Democrats' answer to the Bush years' juggernaut of crushing the opposition.  But then most politicians and their handlers are men and men like smash mouth sports.  They are also cheap when it comes to being employers for troops on the ground.

Stuffed political war chests

Team Obama brags they have collected over $250 million for their political war chest.  They were aiming for over $1 billion.  You really have to ask yourself one question:  If either political side of the aisle is willing to collect this much money for a campaign then just how crooked are all of them?  America got sold out by both sides a long time ago.

The Minions Campaign

Back to The Minions Campaign... What President Obama is looking for are bloggers willing to debunk the GOP attacks.  Come on; we all know the GOP candidates lie about every issue.  The Republicans know the lies work with the weak minds and easily manipulated hot tempers of their racist electorate.

Nasty Racist Fox News at it again

And, if you are wondering if Republicans really are racist, just go check out the many vile comments directed at the story of Whitney Houston's death over at Fox News.  Shocking - and very cruel - stuff.  Any responsible journalism site would have filtered out those type of comments immediately.  Enough progressive  bloggers complained and took screenshots of the comments section and posted it that it looks like Fox News finally took down the attacks on Houston.

New Obama election websites fend off attacks, tout record

Meanwhile, the 2012 election for president heats up and Team Obama decided to roll out some websites where they can help control the often garbled message voters hear every day.  Apparently, Obama no longer counts on the mainstream press to deliver the truth or debunk the critics.  Of course, a lot of them are constrained by Republican network owners and CEOs with a stake in the election results.

After three years of sucking up to Republican Big Business, Republican Wall Street and the GOP in Congress, maybe Obama has finally accepted the fact that he will never be part of the Big Boys Club?  This Truth Team network may be the first step in addressing that realization.

10 February 2012

The Soul Calendar: Awesome Space Station Videos of Glowing Earth Aurora

The Soul Calendar: Awesome Space Station Videos of Glowing Earth Aurora: From Denny: Check out the glowing rim of the Earth as seen from the Space Station. The sun was highly active exploding out a huge dose of electrically charged particles that spectacularly lit up our Earth's upper atmosphere.

These photos were assembled into a video from NASA's Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth and were taken during the period of 25 - 30 January 2012. Usually, the photos are taken at the speed of one frame per three seconds instead of one frame per second as done here. The result is a more leisurely video because it is a bit slower than the true speed of the space station. It gives you that dreamy "you are here" feeling as you watch it.
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09 February 2012

Im Just Saying: Funny Political Thought About Romney

Mitt Romney - Caricature
Mitt Romney - Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)
From Denny:  Since I could care less who wins or who loses the GOP race for president, I'm free to mock it in style.

At our house we were watching the GOP primary returns for the last three states of Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri.  Much to everyone's surprise it was the non-candidate Santorum that ran away with two of the races.

Though delegates were not awarded it is Santorum that has basically caught up with front-runner Mitt Romney by about 86 for Santorum to 94 delegates for Romeny.  The winner needs about 700 to win.

Santorum, a Catholic, has sharpened his message to be known as the middle class guy and conservative.  Romney is painted as the rich guy who is out of touch.

Lately, since getting trounced in the last race Romney is working hard to overcome the perception by portraying himself as a sensitive guy.  He even laid claim to being a Mormon minister for 10 years and how he truly understands the unemployed and marital difficulties as a result of not being able to pay your bills.

So, here is my I'm Just Saying:

08 February 2012

Big Banks and Feds Shaft Homeowners On Foreclosure Settlement

Big Bank Money Grab
Big Bank Money Grab (Photo credit: Truthout.org)

From Denny:  The nation's top five Big Banks are pushing hard to avoid millions of lawsuits by outraged homeowners - with yet another skewed settlement heavily in favor of the Big Banks.

Yes, the homeowners already foreclosed and homeowners seeking modified mortgage loans are getting the shaft by their federal and state governments.

It's an election year and these politicians and attorneys are actually foolish enough to sign off on this lousy agreement the average middle class homeowner does not want.  The American public grows more angry by the day at being ignored by national and local leaders as well as nickeled and dimed to death with excessive constant fees from every business quarter, mostly from banking.  If this settlement goes through as analysts are predicting, there will be a ferocious backlash come November.

05 February 2012

Groundhog Day Louisiana Style: New Orleans T-Boy, Baton Rouge Boudreaux

Photograph of Swamp House at the Audubon Zoo L...
The Swamp House at New Orleans Audubon Zoo that houses T-Boy Nutria, the Groundhog Day prognosticator - Image via Wikipedia
From Denny:  Groundhog Day contenders are popping up all over America.  Groundhogs are not native to Louisiana (because it's too hot) but we didn't allow a little factoid like that to stop us.  Louisiana likes its holidays so what effort was it to rustle up another creative idea than to draft the swamp rat nutria into the Groundhog Day?

Up in the northern part of America it's considered really bad news when a groundhog sees its shadow, foretelling another miserable six weeks of winter.  But here in Louisiana it means a spring that is shorter than usual.

A short spring means summer's grueling heat and drippy humidity will return sooner than desired.  So, you see, burrow-loving animals can come in handy to predict the weather both in the chilly North and the hottie Deep South.

03 February 2012

Dennys Funny Quotes: 34 Funny Friday Quotes, Friday Music Video

Gaga's choreography from "Bad Romance&quo...
Image via Wikipedia
Dennys Funny Quotes: 34 Funny Friday Quotes, Friday Music Video: From Denny: Need a little weekend inspiration? Bored in your corporate cubicle? Your mind wandering far, far away from work because your body can't wait to leave?

These funny, and sometimes downright wicked, quotes should get you through the last remaining hours before the weekend officially starts.

Check out the silly Friday song by Rebecca Black. So far it's been viewed over 21 million times. Now that's a lot of bored folks out in the virtual work world with too much time on their hands.
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02 February 2012

Groundhog Day: How Many Talented Psychic Rodents In America?

Punxutawney Phil

From Denny:  Predicting the end of winter is serious business in America.  We take our groundhog psychics seriously, so seriously that several other cities are promoting their own prognosticators.  Watch the media attention grow and the dollars flow in for tourism.

Punxsutawney Phil

The psychic rodent best known is Punxsutawney Phil of Pennsylvania. His fan club, The Punxsutawney Groundhog Club, keeps those all important statistics.

Their groundhog Phil has seen his shadow 99 times, which means winter will continue another six weeks.  He has not seen his shadow only 16 times.  Only nine years are not accounted for since they have been keeping records since 1887.  FYI, it isn't the exact same rodent for the past century.

From Mike Johnston, Vice President of the Inner Circle of Punxsutawney Phil, he says that Phil "has never been wrong.  Phil can't err because he never applies his prognostication to a specific place.  I guarantee you someone's going to have six more weeks of winter."  I bet he winks every time after dishing out that boat load of wisdom.

Dennys Global Politics: Full Transcript: 2012 President Obama State of the Union Address

State of the Union address 2012

Dennys Global Politics: Full Transcript: 2012 President Obama State of the Union Address: From Denny: This State of the Union address, though well written and well delivered, fell like a thud upon both the American public and the news media.

There was not much to impress - or give hope to a weary middle class, first losing their jobs to seven years of massive layoffs, the BP Oil Spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico - and then losing their homes to foreclosure.

President Obama's promises were weak as rainwater and without any follow-up as his past three years of promises and economic fixes. Most of the news media panned the speech with only a handful of comments and practically zero analysis.
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01 February 2012

The Soul Calendar: Space: Strange Different Neighborhood Just Outside Our Solar System

IBEX (Interstellar Boundary Explorer) satellite

The Soul Calendar: Space: Strange Different Neighborhood Just Outside Our Solar System: From Denny: Just when you think "the grass is greener on the other side," as the proverb goes, well, in our celestial neighborhood, it just might be true. This week scientists are reporting Life is a lot different and downright strange just next door beyond our solar system.

What they find odd is the amount of oxygen present. Oxygen is actually dancing around like an all night party at a hip bar inside that solar system.
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