09 July 2010

Sweltering Summer Heat poem - Libations Friday 9 July 2010

*** Poem and photography: Ever wonder "just how hot is it?" this summer...

Sweltering Summer Heat

The country is baking in a heat wave.
Temperatures are rising high and higher.
Trapped heat stands like waving fingers
Escaping from the hot pavement in hope
It can ride the air to a cooler place.

Weathermen roll out maps of restless red,
Colored past state lines all over America.
High hot numbers marking the worst cities
Where people faint from the heat and
The energy grid strains to provide relief.

Emergency crews rush to put out fires and
Hospital emergency rooms fill up while
City officials turn off the electricity in
Rolling brown-outs to limp past high demands;
News media records it all, making you feel hotter.

People open their doors to go outside and
Are greeted by a blast of humid high heat
That just takes your breath away, gasping.
You touch the door on your car only to scream,
Burned as you grasp and lift the handle.

Inside the car, you fumble for the hot knobs
To crank down the air conditioning full blast
While you drive down the road sweating like
You just ran a marathon standing perfectly still.
And you ask yourself, “Did I really need those groceries?”

Denny Lyon
Copyright 16 July 2010
All Rights Reserved

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Photo Credits

Hot sunset photo by mnsc @ flickr

Car windshield reflecting sun photo by kevindooley @ flickr

Panting hot dog photo by jimf0390 @ flickr

Blistering hot heated face photo by Gamma-Ray Productions @ flickr

Putting out a fire photo by DVIDSHUB @ flickr

Hot thermometer photo by saturnism @ flickr

Summer fan by ToastyKen @ flickr
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