26 July 2010

Funny Video: Colbert Cleans Up the Gulf

*** Only Colbert can recap the Bulf oil spill and BP CEO Tony Hayward experience and declare that Hayward is America's favorite villain. Colbert demonstrates to us how to beat the crap out of BP.

From Denny: Here's to you, my fellow Louisianians and neighbors on the Gulf Coast. Colbert tells us how to beat the crap out of BP CEO Tony Hayward. Then he moves on to renaming the Gulf of Mexico to the Gulf of America "coz we broke it, now we own it." Colbert launched his new Gulf of America Fund to help clean up the Louisiana coast just in time for its next heartbreaking disaster. After all, because of the dispersant it's now raining oil from the sky many miles inland. Yeah, there's the best plan from BP.

Oh, and this just in from my husband after he saw this video: New Orleans should start marketing Tony Hayward voodoo dolls so people can enjoy pushing pins into them to take out their frustrations. Hey, if it makes money, New Orleans will jump on it! Failing that there is always a can of that famous Cajun Whoop Ass we can open and use liberally...

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