20 July 2010

Funny Video: Wanna Work in the Fields Like the Immigrants?

*** Arturo Rodriguez invites Americans who think immigrant farm workers are taking away jobs to work in the fields.

From Denny: United Farm Workers of America President, Arturo Rodriguez, is interviewed by Colbert. Colbert likes to compare himself favorably to Robert Kennedy who risked his political image to sit down with the UFW back in 1968.

Colbert points out that Salinas, California, is The Salad Bowl of America where most of the salads greens we see in our grocery stores come from here. However, in the winter time our salad greens are grown in Yuma, Arizona. With the new anti-illegal immigrants immigration law taking effect this month in Arizona, Colbert asks, "Will illegal workers, the only ones willing to harvest America's fruits and vegetables, go to Arizona or pass on those jobs?" Obviously, Mexican-Americans or illegal immigrants don't want to be targeted. So, look forward to high prices this winter for produce.

UFW has a campaign called TakeOurJobs.org for Americans to take the farm workers' jobs if they believe illegals are taking American jobs. The reality is that only one person has taken them up on their offer for a farm job.

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