Blogs I Like

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Blogs I Like

Women as Mentors - awesome support site for abuse and rape victims

An Independent Traveler’s Guide Through The Galaxy: In My Opinion - deep thinker on social issues, politics and world history

The Melting Pot

The Nahmias Cipher Report - Political and social commentary on global events and the exploration of feminism, gender, relationships, and sexuality within Islam and Judaism.

Nina P's Thoughts and Musings - gentle poetry about family

Elite Poetz - poetry and friends' poems too, substance abuse links

Poetic Expression - wonderful poetry and resource site

The Crusty Curmudgeon - irreverent funny skewed view of today's culture and writing services

Changeful Storm - almost daily poetry, one talented lady

Mystical Poetry, Prose and Political Viewpoints - Mystic Dave - writes on politics, poetry and spirituality

Himalman's Weblog - mountain climber's blog, climbing Mt. Everest, a metaphor for life

Mensagens Para Nos dois - translation button available

Always Musing - humorous and passionate memoir writing

The Word Slinger - just a guy trying to write the novel inside him, humorous, friendly writer

In the garden of the Sun - thoughtful mystical poetry

Beyond Pottery - a talented potter and sensitive photographer

Social Poems-Political Poems - another talented social issues poet

Barkha Dhar Blogs on Social Issues

Have Fun Do Good - social consciousness

Be Yourself Everyone Else is Taken (from an Oscar Wilde quote) - Nature poetry

Liberal Values - news links

Liberal Values (different site than above and very popular)

EconLog - more conservative but not caustic nutjobs

Color Lines - progressive news

Creative Loafing News and Politics


Daily India News - 1 billion in population on this subcontinent

Wired PR News

Oscocio - Social advertising and non-profit campaigns from around the globe

Spectrum Writers

2leep - connecting bloggers

Deviant Art

The Sensuous Curmudgeon - earns a special place of honor for their satirical award for my state of Louisiana's Gov. Bobby Jindal and his shenanigans and other funny posts

My Thoughts - spiritual thoughts about social issues and the news from the Philippines

Off The Record

Liberal Political Blogs

White House Blog - yes, the official White House site

The Hill - as in Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

The Huffington Post

The Impudent Observer - global liberal issues

Lefty Blogs

Square State - progressives in Colorado

The TPM Muckraker

The show

Louisiana Conservative Hate Obama and Vile Liberals Blogs - Is it any wonder I blog for The Side of Sanity: the liberals? :)

Moon Griffin - racist radio talk show host blowhard - Louisiana's answer to Rush Limbaugh

Breakdown of America - Tea Party apologetics and alarmists against Obama so-called socialism

Red Stick Rant - (Red Stick = Baton Rouge)

Red Stick Republican

Ringside Politics

Opinionated Catholic

Cajun Conservatism - more mouth garbage from the bizarre Tea Party

Between The Lines

And So It Goes in Shreveport (ultra Baptist, northern part of the state, very conservative)

Louisiana Grassroots Network - connecting conservatives across the state

Louisiana News

Inside Louisiana News

Bayou Buzz

2 The Advocate - Baton Rouge, the capital city

Gambit Weekly - news from New Orleans

Business Report - Louisiana

The Pelican Post

WWLTV news

Louisiana legislature - check out idiot legislations here

New Orleans Magazine - great for tourism

Fed Up With Politics Louisiana Blogs

Bayou Renaissance Man - ex-military sounding off

Acadiana and SW Louisiana Democrats - people with brains, common sense opinion and a dedication to doing what's right in the world.

The Dead Pelican - conservative - former Louisiana legislator who regularly denounces political corruption and promotes returning government back to its citizens.

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