23 July 2010

Govt Sex Perverts: Pentagon, Govt Spooks Watching Child Porn - News Headlines 23 July 2010

*** Americans should be outraged at this military cover-up allowing child porn perverts to keep high security clearances and continue working in the government, escaping prosecution.

Pentagon and high security intelligence officials caught - but not jailed - for watching child porn

From Denny: Here is a news story the politicians are hoping get lost in the weekend news shuffle and doesn't develop "legs" for the beginning of the next week to become a media nightmare. America woke up today to find out there are yet more entrenched Bush era federal employees watching child pornography on government computers during work time. Surely, this is grounds for immediate removal.

Women's false accusers believed but male truthful accusers denied

Shirley Sherrod didn't get anywhere near the consideration of doubt these perverts have. Shirley was innocent. These guys are caught red-handed by Department Of Defense (DOD) investigators and yet still remain in their jobs. What's wrong with this picture? By the way, where are the national women's groups on this issue and why are they so quiet?

High security officials found to be perverts buying child porn on Internet

Right now we have dozens of top Pentagon and spy agency officials, like the National Security Agency, the National Reconnaissance Office (builds and operates the nation’s spy satellites), and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (develops the military’s most secret weapons and technologies) — which deal with some of the most sensitive work in intelligence and defense - running around with high security clearances and yet also watching child porn. Thirteen of these perverts were found in California, working with the highest security clearances at our most intelligence sensitive installations on the West coast. What a bunch of sickos who are downloading child porn - on government computers no less.

"The fact that offenders include people with access to government secrets puts national security agencies at risk of blackmail, bribery, and threats, especially since these individuals typically have access to military installations," said a Defense Criminal Investigative Service 2009 report quoted in the Boston Globe, who first reported it.

Investigations began as early as 2002, many cases dropped because of cover-up

Since 2006, when this investigation began, only a few have been prosecuted, other cases completely dropped and a lot more have yet to be resolved after all these years. The Pentagon’s Inspector General’s Office has investigations begun as early as 2002 and still some cases remain open. Apparently, and oh, so conveniently, much evidence was "lost or misplaced." A 2007 case that nailed down a DOD defense contractor was closed "due to a lack of resources." We all know what that means: cover-up of "important" people and protecting Bush's political cronies. You have got to be kidding me. How lame is this? You have clear cut evidence and yet refuse to prosecute, or worse, remove this sickos from their jobs?

Operation Flicker found 5,000 perverts buying this garbage

It wasn't like the DOD went looking specifically for these American perverts. It was a sideline investigation that led back to them. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, back in 2006, started up Operation Flicker. They were looking for the names of people who bought child porn over the Internet from websites that operated overseas and found 5,000 people. They turned over to the Defense Department many cases found in their investigation that involved military personnel, intelligence officials and defense contractors. The fact is this Internet garbage was viewed from a number of Pentagon installations, not just one or two. And my taxpayer dollars pay to allow these creeps to do such things???

Pentagon refuses to name names, still protecting them

The DOD still refuses to give out the names of those investigated, charged or prosecuted and will not verify as to how many were found in this investigation that are Americans working for the government in some capacity. At least two cases involved were contractors with top security clearances at the National Security Agency (NSA). One of these guys was indicted, yet got free to flee the country and is believed to be hiding in Libya. The other was found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison and then lifetime probation afterwards. He was with the NSA and was found in possession of "93 documents, 8,400 pictures, and 200 movies that were evidence of receipt of child pornography."

One case: one creep never charged and still on government payroll

Another case was a guy who admitted he watched child porn at home on his computer at least twice a week. Yeah, right. Get this: While they took him out of the National Reconnaissance Office all they did was transfer him to an agency office in New Mexico where he stills works inside the government. He was never charged. You have got to be kidding me - again. So now the Pentagon is taking advice tips from the Vatican on how to play "the game of misdirection with perverts"?

This guy is a security risk in any book. What are you thinking? He's weak and easily influenced to do practically anything. He needs to be put out of the government when it comes to national security. These are the kind of guys that the Chinese and Israelis go hunting to squirrel national secrets out of and return home with their prizes. All the countries who spy on America are always on the look out for weak people like this who can't control their sexual impulses or have perverted predilections.

Tell Obama and Congress how you feel, America!

Weigh in, America, and let Congress know how you feel about your tax dollars at work. If I were a betting person I'd wager that not one Republican steps up to condemn these Bush era abuses. If not, then they are silent co-conspirators which makes them just as morally sick as these perverts. Actually, it makes them all amoral. But then - you already knew that...

Defense, Spy Officials Linked to Child Porn - the Boston Globe story

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