19 July 2010

Obama Shouts At Republicans, What We Get Out Of Financial Reform - News Headlines 19 July 2010

*** Obama stands up and roars to the satisfaction of his base, financial reform explained, Palin trips over her mouth again.

Unemployment benefits wrangling while people suffer

From Denny: It looks like the President and his administration are finally on track to do some serious business of governing the country. Today the President finally screamed at the odious Republicans for holding up unemployment benefits for desperate people who have been left hung out to dry for the past two months while Congress argues. Still, those who have been out of work for two years and have had their benefits expire entirely are not addressed in this bill. Hopefully, the President will champion their cause as well.

Big Business and the Republicans have conspired to destroy America's economy just to get back into power in the White House. Congress gave Big Business stimulus monies to hire people and instead Big Business has sat on the monies, refusing to hire back workers even though they need them. They are waiting out the elections, hoping the Democrats lose in November. How despicable can you get?

Can the depraved indifference of Big Business and the Republicans get any worse? The latest ploy is telling employment agencies they don't want to interview anyone who is already out of work. They only want to interview for jobs those who already have jobs. What that smacks of is discrimination, especially against the older workers above ages 40 and 50.

Right now the Republicans trot out their reasons for refusing the unemployment benefits extension is because they claim it will run up the national deficit. Of course, where were these worry hawks when Bush and Reagan were in office running up trillions of dollars, more than any other presidents in history? They were dead silent back then. All of a sudden they have found their voice now? Somehow, the Republicans are their usual disingenuous selves. Of course, the Truth gets lost in the political shuffle. The reality is that for every $1 spent on unemployment benefits it actually returns $1.50 to the economy.

The reality is Big Business is too damn cheap to pay their share of the unemployment benefits. They sent jobs overseas to cheaper pay workers and now they don't want to have to pay for the displaced American workers. What a pack of greedy rat bastards who took our taxpayer stimulus monies, plunked it down on their profit line and then had the audacity to turn around and fire workers by the thousands. I don't know how people are managing who have been out of work as long as these folks called "The 99ers" - those who have been out of work for as long as two years.

The state of intelligence gathering in America

"There are now more than 1,200 government organizations and more than 1,900 private companies working on counterterrorism, homeland security and intelligence in about 10,000 locations across the U.S."

Well, isn't this just peachy? Finally, we are finding out just how much of a mess Bush and Cheney created while they rejected Congressional oversight all those eight long years. What a mess. No wonder no one can keep up with everything. News flash: Find a way. Streamline, reassign, do what it takes. You had better find a group of really super organizers to swim through this morass.

Cheney created an entire illegal intelligence network as well as an illegal shadow army of mercenaries. Those mercenaries are still being used today in Iraq and other uses by the government where each soldier receives outrageous salaries to the tune of $400,000 each. The American taxpayer is no longer made of money, Mr. President. It's time to trim down this intelligence network and the mercenary army.

Illegal immigration and drug cartel violence on America's border

Bravo to the President for finally sending troops down to help the local police in four border states overrun by drug violence. People have a right to expect safety in their own country and it's the federal government's responsibility to assist when local officials are understaffed. A temporary measure is just fine. People are desperate for any help they can get while you train border agents to replace the current National Guard officers. The object is to do what is common sense and do what it takes to get the job done satisfactorily. Doing nothing is no longer an option. This idea is a great one and will be greatly appreciated by the locals I'm sure.

BP oil spill news continues with temporary cap on damaged well

All together now, "Who trusts anything BP says?" Answer: There is no one left standing who does. This temporary cap BP has in place worries me as there is already seepage elsewhere in the well area. I am not eager to see the huge ocean floor oil reservoir explode. Is it any longer possible to produce this screwed up well?

As to BP claiming they have paid out $200 million or more, well, I'd like an audit from the GAO please. These guys are a scheming lot and known for padding their accounts and the truth. Check their figures, Mr. President.

And while I'm at it, how about telling the public just who is paying the claims fund manager? Is it the government who strikes his paycheck or is it BP? BP needs to be completely out of the claims fund process as well as paying the fund manager's paycheck.

Shout out to White House aides

A big shout out to the White House aides who read this blog along with other liberal blogs to take America's pulse. Thanks, guys, much appreciated. I know you have the fire in the belly to get this presidency back on track and are already looking into economic measures that are doable right now. The country will appreciate your ideas and efforts when it all comes together and you can present it to the President. Meanwhile, make sure the President spends a lot of time with President Clinton to get a huge education about how to handle the depraved political crowd - and find out where all the obscure parts of the government live so he can pull funds for an economic initiative. After that intelligence report of 10,000 locations it should be obvious where you can strip funds just for starters.

Obama Slams GOP for Obstructing Progress
Says Republican Leadership Has Chosen to "Filibuster Our Recovery" by Blocking Votes on Economic Agenda - " President Barack Obama is taking aim at Senate Republicans, accusing them of playing politics with measures that would extend benefits to the unemployed and increase lending to small businesses."

What Financial Reform Means For You - financial regulatory reform - pdf file

Financial Reform: What's in it for You? - "Here it comes...2300 pages of financial regulatory reform. New England senators Scott Brown, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins joined all but one democrat in a 60 to 39 vote. (Democrat Russ Feingold voted against the bill, maintaining that it isn't strong enough.) The bill now goes to the President, who will sign it into law. Here's what's in it for you:"

Report: U.S. Intel Operations Unwieldy Post-9/11
Intelligence Gathering Has Grown So Much Since Attacks that True Cost, Scope are Unknown, According to Washington Post - "there are now more than 1,200 government organizations and more than 1,900 private companies working on counterterrorism, homeland security and intelligence in about 10,000 locations across the U.S.

Around 854,000 people - or nearly 1.5 times the number of people who live in Washington - have top-secret security clearance."

Mystery Shrouds Closure of 73,000 Blogs - and WebHostingTalk about the incident answered by the site owner

Clinton Vows $500M in Aid to Win Over Pakistanis
Top U.S. Diplomat Announces Massive Infusion of Financial Assistance to Show America Not Just Interested in Militants

Clinton Asia Tour to Refine Goals of Afghan War
Arrives in Pakistan for Talks Ahead of Kabul Conference; Will Stress U.S. Commitment to Long-Term Development

Officials: National Guard troops headed to border next month - "The troops, from the four border states, will be fully trained and in place in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas by September 1, according to Gen. Craig McKinley, commander of the National Guard.

The Guard troops will not be involved in law enforcement activities such as arrests of illegal immigrants, but will assist border patrol officers looking for the illegal border crossers and smugglers as well as in intelligence gathering. The airmen and soldiers will be armed, but they will be limited by rules of engagement that allow them to shoot only to defend themselves."

President Obama's Schedule (7/19/10)

In the morning, President Obama will deliver a statement to the press about the economy in the Rose Garden.

Later in the morning, the president will receive the Presidential Daily Briefing and the Economic Daily Briefing in the Oval Office. He will then meet with senior advisers in the Oval Office.

In the afternoon, Mr. Obama will welcome the WNBA Champion Phoenix Mercury to the White House to honor the team's 2009 championship season.

Later in the afternoon, he will meet with former Senator John Glenn in the Oval Office to discuss the president's space program.

In the evening, the president and first lady will host a White House Music Series event in the East Room saluting Broadway to continue the White House music series.

Here's the Full Schedule from the White House (all times Eastern):

10:30AM: President Obama delivers a statement to the press about the economy

10:45AM: President Obama receives the Presidential Daily

11:15AM: President Obama receives the Economic Daily Briefing

12:00PM: President Obama meets with senior advisers

1:40PM: President Obama welcomes the WNBA Champion Phoenix Mercury to the White House to honor the team's 2009 championship season

2:05PM: President Obama meets with Senator Glenn

7:00PM: President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama attend the White House Music Series event saluting Broadway; President Obama delivers remarks

Oil Cap Tests Extended Amid Fear of Seepage
Thad Allen Says BP Has Met Demand to Be Ready In Event Gas Leak or Oil Seep Forces Containment Cap Re-Opening

BP's Oil Spill Costs Near $4 Billion Mark
British Oil Giant Says $207M Paid Out to Date in Personal Claims Alone; Still No Predictions of Final Cost

Neo-Nazi Group Patrolling Ariz. Border
Officials Worry Heavily-Armed Militia Identifying With National Socialist Movement Will Create "Extreme Problems"

Tea Party Leader: NAACP Is Playing the Race Card
Denies Bigots Speak for Movement's Members or Leaders; Civil Rights Figure Calls Remark Disingenuous

A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' on in D.C.
The Nation's Capital Often Feels Tremors, But This Times They Were Measured on the Richter Scale

Palin's "Refudiate" Tweet on Mosque Near Ground Zero Draws Fire (for Substance and Style)

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