12 July 2010

Celebrity: Chelsea Clinton Wedding Day Details

*** President Clinton and Sec. Clinton's only child is getting married July 31st. Check out what she might be wearing for her wedding dress from the Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta videos.

Vera Wang Calla Lily wedding dress

From Denny: The big buzz is "So what is she wearing?" Chelsea Clinton has played it smart as the only child of a world famous political couple. It's amazing she has been so successful at remaining low profile to date.

Celebrity watchers are all speculating as to who made her dress. It's been rumored to be Oscar de la Renta, but also a contender is designer Vera Wang. Whatever Chelsea wears she will look stunning in it as she is fit from studying dance for so many years. She definitely did not inherit her father's fast food chugging ways.

Featured here are three of the most popular and very elegant wedding dresses from Vera Wang's collection.

Vera Wang Joan wedding dress

Vera Wang Dorothy wedding dress

Check out the leaked wedding day details so far. Chelsea will be married somewhere within two to three hour drive time of New York City. Guests will not be told where to go until the last few days before the wedding. The ceremony will be "tented" as the caterers say, safe from prying camera eyes in a helicopter overhead if the media does manage to figure out the site of the wedding. Let's hope they don't spoil it for the couple and leave them alone on their special day. No word yet as to whether they will be married by a Christian minister or a Jewish rabbi - or both in a joint ceremony.

The guest list is a modest amount, numbered to be 400. Can you imagine being a world famous couple, in politics for decades, and your only child will only allow you to invite up to 400 people? Can you imagine just how many people the Clintons know well? Try trimming down that guest list! The caveat that Chelsea herself decided is that she must personally know each and every guest. She only wants people at her wedding that have a relationship with her, not just her famous parents. There are literally thousands of Clinton friends and many have never spoken to Chelsea, so that should narrow down the list.

Any way you look at it, Sec. Clinton is excited and happy to be making wedding plans for her daughter. Hillary has cleared her busy diplomatic schedule just to give her enough breathing time to prepare for and enjoy her daughter's wedding day. Hillary is a hard-charging and tireless worker. I'd say she's earned her well deserved special time with family this month.

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