05 July 2010

Funny Video: How BP CEO Hayward Can Improve His Image

*** Check out comic David Letterman's hilarious suggestions of how BP CEO Tony Hayward can improve his much maligned public image.

From Denny: Somehow I missed this comic gem back last month from David Letterman. I had posted his Top 10 List but missed the funny video so here it is in all its glory. We all know that BP CEO Tony Hayward has taken a well deserved beating in the press for his weasel business maneuvers and his cavalier insensitive attitude to the destruction he has caused. Why he is still CEO is beyond me and everyone else in America. Why stick with a loser horse who is too stupid to quit digging the hole deeper?

Hayward will forever be known on the Gulf Coast and in America for "wanting his life back." He continually downplays the 11 men who lost their lives that day and the 300,000 people his company threw out of work in just one day.

Letterman just had to weigh in on the Hayward whining lament. Letterman claims he has a quick-fix for ol' Tony even though surely Tony's life just won't be the same as before the oil spill.

What can Hayward do about his much-maligned image? Letterman respectfully suggests as one of his most brilliant ideas that Hayward "Hang out at BP gas stations and let customers inflate his ass with an air hose." Well, that's a good starting place and certainly a popular one here in the state of Louisiana.

David Letterman's "Top Ten Ways Tony Hayward Can Improve His Image" My favorites are numbers 6, 2 and definitely number 1.

10. Catch Osama
9. Contaminate waters around a country like North Korea
8. Reveal secret behind his soft and lustrous curly hair
7. Apologize on The Golf Channel
6. Shoot new BP commercial where he is viciously pecked by angry pelicans
5. Join Team Coco
4. Get a job at Poland Spring; accidentally dump a billion gallons of water into the gulf
3. Improve his image, are you kidding? He's doing great!
2. Hang out at BP station, let customers inflate his butt with air hose
1. Dial it back from "arrogant bastard" to "smug pr**k"

*** Photo by FellowCreative @ flickr

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