05 July 2010

Funny Video: Jon Stewart Says Republicans Want Clinton Blamed, Not Bush

*** Comic Jon Stewart documents the history of blaming previous administrations. Read that as the Republicans are whining their own political strategy is whipping them into weeping jello.

With Bush as President no one had to resort to Photoshop; it came naturally!

From Denny: We all know how intelligent comic Jon Stewart likes to employ actual news clips to bolster his comedy argument of how ridiculous politicians can be. He also enjoys lampooning Fox News folks for their outrageous lying statements.

Stewart's heart was greatly warmed when he found out that the show "Fox & Friends" watches Stewart's "The Daily Show." What a compliment they listen to him, Stewart thought. Stewart documents his own interview with David Axelrod, senior advisor to President Obama, that Fox complained about vehemently. Of course, does Fox News ever do anything less than high intensity venomous volume? Fox took issue with Axelrod whining that he was blaming poor little boy Bush for the lack of an oil spill solution out in the Gulf. Where do they get these bizarre thoughts? Will someone put those folks on some "reasonable thoughts" meds?

Now Stewart, though impressed Fox watches his show, went hard charging to point out that blaming a previous administration is truly nothing new under the political sun. He suggests there may be an informal statute of limitations as to how long into each presidency this blaming process can be utilized to maximum political potential.

The Big However is that the Bush administration continued to lay blame at the feet of predecessor President Clinton for the full eight years Bush was in office. To their hypocritical credit, today's outraged Republicans are incensed that President Obama and the Democrats would dare to continue to lay blame on Bush for this sorry economy and high unemployment only 18 months into a new term. It's so anti-American they say.

The GOP, Sen. McCain and Fox News snuggled up to create an acronym of B.I.O.B. - Blame it on Bush. That got Stewart's creative juices flowing and he fired back with his own acronym: "H.R.W.A.T.P.T.R.T.C.I.T.G -- He Really Was A Terrible President That Ran The Country Into The Ground." (And who could forget was CEO of eight companies he also ran into the ground. I see a pattern forming...)

Stewart plays a news clip from Fox, aired just two weeks ago, where they continue to blame Clinton policies for the oil spills, making that almost ten years of blaming Clinton. Stewart wonders out loud, "Do you guys at Fox realize that this sh-t is being broadcast?"

The whining Republicans want laying any righteous blame on Bush to now be off-limits. However, they believe that President Clinton is still fair game. Oh, "the tangled web we weave." :)

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