12 July 2010

Funny Video: Colbert Rips Glenn Beck For His "Wildly Important" Work

*** Colbert lampoons Glenn Beck, awarding him great praise for his great work in progress.

Colbert Rips Glenn Beck For His "Wildly Important" Work

From Denny: Colbert is in love. He's in love with Glenn Beck. Well, sort of. Colbert loves to mock Glenn Beck at the drop of his irreverent hat.

This funny video has been sitting in draft status for just such a week when we all needed a good laugh in the miserable summer heat. Beck tried to justify his rally on the exact same date and location as the famous Martin Luther King "I Have A Dream" speech. Colbert did not give him a pass on that absurdity.

Joked Colbert: "Finally, someone is bringing "Martin Luther King's movement back to its conservative white roots."

Beck claimed it was "divine providence" that his event landed on the same day. Makes you want to throw up all over his shoes, now doesn't it? Colbert said, "Personally, I take everything Glenn says on faith...because there's never any evidence to back up his claims."

Beck is so mentally bizarre when he talks. It's like watching a three year old make up stuff because he finally realizes an adult is actually listening. The tales get wilder and wilder. Beck claimed he was approached by "an unnamed man from the Vatican" who praised Beck for his contributions to society. Of course, Colbert did some sleuthing and tracked down this man who turned out to be Father Sarducci, that chain-smoking priest also known as comedian Don Novello.

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