14 June 2010

Funny Colbert Video: BP CEO Tony Hayward Is an Evil Box of Priggish Entitled Baking Soda

*** Colbert lampoons BP CEO Tony Hayward and America's attitude of loathing toward his cavalier attitude toward this oil spill.

From Denny: Colbert decides to play Devil's Advocate against the rising tide of vitriol aimed squarely at BP's CEO Tony Hayward for his bumbling of the oil spill clean up. Colbert asks us, "Have you considered abhorring him? How about detesting him? Would it kill you to loathe the guy a little? Come on, people, let's get a little creative here."

Colbert also reminds that BP and Tony Hayward have screwed more people than Tiger Woods. Now there's a piece of trivia to remember for the decades.

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