28 June 2009

Iran Headlines 28 June 2009

From Denny: It's getting more and more difficult for Iranian protestors to get news out or into the country. People around the world are carefully forwarding news reports - from different sites other than the official international news sites - in the hope folks in Iran can connect, finding out how much of their message and truth is reaching other parts of the world.

Feel free to send out what headlines posts are here at The Social Poets to someone you know - who knows someone - who knows someone, you get the idea. Hopefully, as bloggers we can fly under the radar for a while before the regime catches on to our support! :)

Remember, keeping this story high profile - while the mainstream media runs around with its head cut-off worrying about Michael Jackson - real people in Iran are suffering for lack of intense coverage. You can help save lives by keeping the heat on the public pressure on the Iranian regime, and, in turn, circling back to forcing mainstream media to carry more coverage.

World leaders stand united against Iran violence

Thousands demonstrate silently in Tehran

Iranian police clash with up to 3,000 protesters

Report: Hospitalized Iranians seized

Iran Crackdown Continues

“Punished mercilessly” – Is this Islam?

Sunday last day for Iran candidates to file complaints

Iran still interfering in Iraq, top Army general says

Iran detains eight local British embassy staff

Britain blasts arrest of embassy staffers in Iran

Iran's security council tells Moussavi to back off

Where is Rafsanjani?

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