24 October 2010

American and World Economy Cartoons - 24 Oct 2010

Check out the national mind and opinions of our economy through the eyes of cartoonists.

From Denny: Our politicians continue to campaign for their jobs while they refuse to guard ours going out of the country still at a rapid rate. This month GM announced they were hiring an additional 5,000 new workers. Yeah? Not in America. And we taxpayers still own controlling interest in this annoying car manufacturer. They have the nerve to stiff the American worker with the bill and no job to help pay for it.

Our politicians won't pay attention and do something about this, figuring they will get the vote out - whichever side - and continue to ignore the needs of their voters. The longer this depraved indifference attitude toward the voter goes on, the higher the percentages increase for riots and violence. Once the violence starts it will bubble over with a ferocity that cannot be contained.

Right now the rioting French are angry their politicians screwed up their retirement system, now forcing them to wait an additional two years to retire. Oh, how we Americans wish Life was that easy! Talk about nothing to complain about in France.

Though I'm sure the French are thinking too about if they allow the government to step on them just a little the government will get in the habit of stepping on them a lot. They may have something there because that's what has happened here in America for the past 30 years since the Republicans got in power. Over the decades our quality of life has eroded to the point the middle class is now descending into the working class or abject poverty because of job loss and wages plummeting.

Now the Republicans are crowing about how they will abolish the minimum wage all together when they get voted back into control of Congress, paying us 40 cents an hour if they like. Talk about depraved. The Republicans are so bone head stupid and greedy they will implode this economy quickly and resoundingly. It may never get up off its knees if the Republicans are in control.

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Rob Rogers

Rob Rogers

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Rob Rogers

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Jerry Holbert

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Steve Sack

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American and World Economy Cartoons - 24 Oct 2010 - Check out the national mind and opinions of our economy through the eyes of cartoonists.

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