21 June 2010

Funny Video: Stewart Calls Joe Barton A 'Disdainful A--hole'

*** That now famous sucking up of GOP Joe Barton to give a crazy BP apology that shocked and angered America. Talk about a guy ready to leave politics and get a job with the oil industry. Comics love to lampoon dirty politicians like this one.

From Denny: We all know that Jon Stewart on The Daily Show is far from shy about expressing his feelings. He called out GOP Congressman Joe Barton of Texas for being so stupid as to paint BP as the victim in this oil spill and actually apologize to Hayward who was getting grilled by Congress. You know, the standard grilling that involves questions for which we want answers only to get stonewalled with weak answers like "I wasn't there" that came out of Hayward's lying mouth.

This lame apology business was just ripe for mocking with a full lampoon from the comics and Stewart did not mince his words. After all, this BP apology was such a ridiculous and downright incredulous moment that it deserved to be royally mocked.
To call a claims fund a "shakedown" rocketed Barton to the top of the list, landing him on the cover of "Disdainful A$$hole" Magazine.

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