28 June 2010

Funny Video: Colbert Lampoons Barton's BP Apology

*** Laugh at outrageous Colbert as he takes on the conservative outrageous crazies whining about how BP has been taken advantage of by a weak President who doesn't know his own constitution. Read that as the bullies are angry they can't push around the President.

Joe Barton's Misconstrued Misconstruction: Joe Barton apologizes for his misconstrued misconstruction, and pundits call the BP escrow account unconstitutional.

From Denny: Colbert had a field day lampooning crazy Rep. Joe Barton who infamously apologized to BP during the Congressional hearing to the shock of all America. Who is this creep? everyone asked themselves across the nation. Try this one on for size: Barton was the guy who arranged and sat in on the secret energy meetings with Cheney and Bush at the White House, allowing energy lobbyists to write policy and legislation. Now that's creepy.

Colbert also lampoons all the Republican talking heads who foolishly tried to justify Barton's apology and continued to try and define the President's $20 billion BP oil spill claims fund as a "shakedown." Read my lips, conservative freak flags, we on the Gulf Coast don't care what the President or you call it. The President did the right thing in an emergency situation and we stand behind him on that one.

Get a laugh as Colbert banters with the conservative bloated egos about what is or is not constitutional. The perverted insipid thoughts that come out of these people is sheer amazing. Not to fear; Colbert is here to squash those small mean little minds.

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Joe Barton's Misconstrued Misconstruction
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*** Funny cat photo by Andrew Ciscel @ flickr

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