28 June 2010

Funny Video: Stewart Nails Republicans As Flip-Floppers On BP Escrow Fund

*** Republican double-speak about the BP claims fund. Jon Stewart exposes their constant lying and shows us how funny it all is!

From Denny: Talk about funny when, at the end of the clip, Stewart interviews British comic John Oliver about BP CEO Tony Hayward. It's good to the last second on this clip! :)

Joe Barton's famous shocking BP apology continues to provide fodder for comics to lampoon. It's amazing from how many different angles these guys approach the subject. Stewart included bizarre contradictory statements from Rep. Michelle Bachmann who claims President Obama is an extortionist.

Did you know there is actually something known as The Republican Study Committee? I thought these guys didn't have good reading comprehension. How in the world do they manage to study? There are 114 GOP Congressman members. All of them signed on to endorse the idiot talking point about how they think Obama was extorting private industry. Pull out the heart violins and start the music. Oh, Pah-leez!

Of course, Stewart so delicately points out that first the Republicans were for the claims fund and now they are against it. Make up your little minds, guys. They are just angry they didn't get control of the escrow funds if you ask me.

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