14 June 2010

Funny Colbert Video: BP Perplexed Stock Value Sinks

*** Colbert has fun with the BP numbers like $82 billion in loss to their stock value since the oil spill disaster.

From Denny: According to Colbert (and all of America) BP is a soulless corporate giant hell bent on killing all life on the East Coast. After all, the Big Business multinational company reasons, who cares about things that swim in the ocean? We can scoop up the oil and sell it for salad dressing to the food companies. Who's going to know the difference? The real question dogging BP is why is our stock still nose-diving down and off the cliff? We wonder why our shareholders have no confidence in us any more. Well, Colbert will be glad to explain it all to you, Tony, in simplest terms, of course.

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BP Stock Sinks
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