14 June 2010

Funny Video: Obama Embarks on AssQuest 2010

*** The Daily Show's Jon Stewart throws out brilliant ideas to Prez Obama of whose ass to kick over the mishandling of this BP oil spill in the Gulf.

From Denny: Even I took a double-take when I saw the news clip of Prez Obama and his now famous "whose ass to kick" comment. Of course, the cartoonists had a field day with it, and, of course, I put up those funny cartoons over the weekend. Who could resist? :) Obamas Kick Ass Comments Cartoons

The President wanted to prove how serious he is about solving this oil spill problem. As Jon Stewart says, "Yesterday, the shocking news of Barack Obama using the word "ass" on television to prove how serious he is about fixing a hole in the ocean hit us like a ton of bricks (made of washed-up tar). Today, we begin following the President on his quest to find a suitable ass to kick. But will that ass wind up being closer to him than he ever could have suspected?"

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Ass Quest 2010
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