03 June 2010

BP Phony Police: Threaten Reporters With Arrest If Report, Photo Dead Animals

*** Not reported in the mass media yet are all the strong arm tactics of BP on the Louisiana coast as they threaten reporters with arrest, shut down the private airport.

From Denny: Oh, why is this no surprise. BP has been throwing its weight around, bullying and bending Louisiana businesses to its will. BP has prevented planes loaded with media from being allowed to land by restricting air space. Makes you wonder how BP threatened or bought off in bribes the airport controllers and the owner of the private airport. The reality is that BP is about to put this private airport out of business with their strong arm tactics.

BP denies flights for media

Well, here's the deal: When reporters tried to rent planes to fly over the spill area to photograph it, and BP found out the flights would contain reporters, they denied the reporters access to the planes. Just who does BP think it is? This is America NOT Britain where apparently, the very rich are allowed to control people. There's a damn good reason why America separated from the British Crown and this arrogant cavalier attitude strikes to the heart of it. There is no way Hayward can control Louisiana people. Good luck on that one.

BP has phony police force strong arming media

BP also has their own police force on site. Last time I checked that isn't legal as no security force is a recognized Louisiana police force. BP has NO authority in Louisiana to do the strong arm tactics they've been dealing out. No wonder the media has not been able to get full coverage of this environmental disaster. Well, Tony Hayward have I got the perfect jail for you and your henchmen: Angola. Let's see how long you last in there.

BP phony police threaten arrest to news crews

BP threatened a CBS news crew with arrest if they dared to photograph the oil spill. Reporters from the New York Daily News were removed from Elmers Island by police officers who claimed they were taking orders from BP. Why? Because, according to an unnamed BP source, "They specifically informed us that they don't want these pictures of the dead animals. They know the ocean will wipe away most of the evidence."

BP CEO Tony Hayward lies again

When reporters tried to rent boats to get taxied to the scene in the Gulf or rent planes to take aerial photos of the oil spill BP stonewalled those efforts as well. Can you see why BP stock value is falling by the billions every week? It's no wonder Louisiana people are furious with insensitive Tony Hayward who continues to put his foot in his mouth when he isn't opening it to lie again.

Hayward actually believes that glossy TV ads and a huge public relations campaign will make Americans swoon to his bad tune. What is this guy smoking these days? And he continues to whine about how he "wants his life back." Yeah, and so would the eleven dead like their lives back too. Hayward just can't get it right.

The real truth of what is happening down in Louisiana

Check out Plaquemines Parish (county) President, Billy Nungesser, as he gives the whole truth of the lies from BP and their criminal actions. Nungesser invites all media to come to his office and get deputized as members of his Parish task force. That will allow them full access to report fully.

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