28 June 2010

Funny Video: Stewart Lampoons McChrystal's Balls For An Honorable Discharge

*** Stewart holds nothing sacred, including reporters and their opinions, feeling free to lampoon the sacred Fox News anchors who come across as absolutely vapid.

Check out hover cat...

From Denny: This is funny as Jon Stewart shows us clips of various journalists giving their opinions on how this Rolling Stone reporter got so much access. Read that as they were some jealous he came away with an astounding story that caused a lot of ripples throughout the world.

The Taliban hiding in their caves from drone attacks were probably on their cell phones trying to order up life time subscriptions to Rolling Stone Magazine. At least that's what the political cartoonists are drawing. :)

McChrystal's Balls - Honorable Discharge: The media questions Rolling Stone's access to General Stanley McChrystal, and Gretchen Carlson knows what it's like to have Obama's tough job.

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McChrystal's Balls - Honorable Discharge
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