09 June 2010

BP Promotes Philosophy: The Minimum Acceptable

*** BP just keeps dishing out lying to America, deceptive shady practices, holding back paychecks of clean up crews and refusing to put enough clean up equipment to the task.

From Denny: OK, who in the room wants to freeze BP's assets right here and right now? Yeah, I thought so. Most everyone is with me on this no-brainer. The time has come for the White House to quit pussy footing around trying to please Big Business. Push BP aside, hire another oil company to come fix the screw ups screw up and force BP to pay through the nose for it.

Right now the oil industry - and BP in particular - is putting pressure on "our" so-called representatives to start back up with both shallow and deep water drilling. The oil industry is chaffing under the new government safety protocols. What has them outraged? They are complaining about having to prove their blowout preventers are actually working. You have got to be kidding me. How dare they whine about anything.

The sad truth is that the Gulf Coast is dependent upon the seafood industry, the travel tourism and the oil rig jobs as their main sources of income. Kiss most of that goodbye for this generation. If the oil crews can't go back to work then their families suffer and bills don't get paid. If they can't fish then 20 percent of the food supply in America vanishes for the next twenty years or so, provided the Gulf doesn't become like the Dead Sea, unable to support any life ever again.

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu is out there on TV promoting the oil industry's needs over America's needs. What America needs right now is to know those oil rigs, over four thousand of them, are operating with proper safety conditions. America needs to know they can trust the companies who are pumping oil out of the ocean floor not to take unnecessary risks. Has the President ordered safety inspections of ALL the oil rigs off the coast of America - not just in the Gulf?

Why has BP quit counting how much oil is spewing from the broken oil well? Answer: Because they get fined for each and every gallon by the government. If BP forces the government to start counting then that's one more responsibility they walk away from and the expense with it.

Another reason they are not counting the gushing oil is because it's finally been verified the underwater plumes from several leaks have been found 42 miles out from shore. Yet another mess to figure out.

After the latest effort to cap the well temporarily until the relief wells come in we all saw the underwater footage and came to the same conclusion: the well head is broken and spewing more oil than before they tampered with it.

Anyone of common sense now knows this environmental disaster will go on long into next year before we are successful at stopping this gushing oil free fall. Meanwhile, it's time for the President to quit allowing dispersant to be used. It's chock full of cancer-causing chemicals that only aggravate the situation.

The reason BP quickly went to using dispersant? Answer: Because dispersant drives the oil down under the surface. Dispersant also chokes the mid and lower levels of the ocean. Driving the oil down under the surface is an effective public relations campaign at work because what cannot be photographed cannot drive America's outrage. These guys are real weasels and hyenas, laughing at the public in our seeming lack of power to take back our country from the grasping hands of Big Business and enabling politicians.

The whole world is going to be affected by this oil spill. The least we can do is stop the dispersant with the cancer chemicals from reaching the shores of our neighbors outside the Gulf of Mexico. No one yet knows how much of the ocean or oceans this disaster is going to kill off or how long it will take the oceans to come back if ever. We may be stuck with dead zones for generations on our once pristine seas. We have no one to blame but ourselves and who we put in office to betray us. The date of 20 April 2010 will live in infamy as the date the world walked away from fossil fuels and began the process back to sanity.

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Brian Williams chronicles the numbers of spilled oil and dead on the Gulf Coast:

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