12 June 2010

Louisiana to NY Mayor Bloomberg: Shut the F Up! - BP Oil Spill Cartoons - 12 June 2010

*** Check out the latest BP oil spill cartoons measuring the impact of Britain, America, Obama and the furious Americans of the Gulf Coast.

From Denny: The whole world of the Western Hemisphere is in an uproar over this BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico - as well they should be. The problem is that BP has high level British politicians and other rich billionaires in their greedy irresponsible pockets and are running a disinformation campaign fast and loose.

Idiot New York Mayor Bloomberg weighs in on oil spill

By the way, to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, "Shut the F up!" Louisiana was there for New York when 9/11 hit. As a poor state we still rustled up enough money to build several new fire trucks and sent them to the fire houses who lost their crews and equipment in the horrific event. The wealthier among us spent thousands and thousands of dollars shopping in New York to rebuild your economy. The last thing Louisiana needs right now is Bloomberg's mean mouth commenting foolishly on the oil spill. Thanks for kicking us when we are down, you political jerk.

Idiot BP filing for bankruptcy to avoid responsibility to Gulf Coast

The real problem is BP has lied every step of the way. The bigger problem from the word on the street is that BP plans to file bankruptcy soon in order to avoid paying out their accountability to the American people. In short, the British - who have linked their national name to BP as a source of national pride - have declared economic war on America. The deal is that BP claims they only have $81 billion in net worth. What drugs are they smoking? They have huge oil stores all over the world which is nothing but huge savings accounts squirreled away for a rainy day scenario. "Show me the money!" says the Gulf Coast.

Britain's oil war on American economy

As in every war there is a defining moment when it starts. In this case, it's BP who decided to lift their dog's leg and pee all over America's face when our President protested at the incredible damage done to us. Britain's reply? How dare you hurt our reputation! You have got to be kidding me! Britain is destroying the planet's oceans and all they worry about is their "good name"?

This Gulf disaster is quickly becoming a world nightmare as there are over 1.7 million gallons of oil still spewing into the Gulf every day. There is now over 100 million gallons of oil in the Gulf and about to make it's way around the world, even to the British shores.

Guess it serves them right if the average Brit (somehow I doubt this) is actually gullible enough to believe BP's and their government's constant lying in order to keep the stock value up. Money is more important than the health of the planet or the health of the people on this planet. Shame on them for such low character.

Hold BP and Britain accountable

Keep up the pressure, Mr. President, and make the rat bastards pay through the nose. And while you are at it, time to freeze their assets. Time to stop them drilling anywhere off America's shores. Time to shut down all their gas stations in America. They want to be weasels then treat them like weasels and cage them into a corner where America is in control.

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