25 June 2010

Fourth of July When Life is Simple poem - Libations Friday 25 June 2010

*** An amusing Fourth of July poem that celebrates living.

Fourth of July When Life is Simple

Grand Dad used to say, “Life is simple.”
I thought silently, “Yeah, when you’re 90.”

Grand Dad used to say, “Life is good.”
I asked him if it was good all the time.

Grand Dad used to say, “Life goes up and down.
Learn to appreciate it all, even when it doesn’t look good.”

Grand Dad sat on the porch steps, slicing the watermelon.
It was The Fourth of July, his favorite holiday.

He pulled out his pocket knife and poked out the large seeds,
Throwing them hard to the ground and far away into the grass.

He said, “This is how you handle problems when they come.”
We sat in the shade for a while, thinking, and poking the seeds.

Then he put his mouth to the sliced fruit, biting hard into the sugar.
He smiled wide and satisfied, as watermelon juice dribbled down his chin.

“And this is how you engage the sweetness in Life.” Grand Dad said.
And he took another big bite. And, then, so did I.

Now I knew what Grand Dad knew.
Sometimes, Life really is that simple.

Denny Lyon
Copyright 21 June 2010
All Rights Reserved

*** With special thanks to nothingprofound, a fellow blogger, a fun guy who posts aphorisms on his blog, Aphorism Of The Day, that tickle my mind, one of from which this poem sprang (Life is simple... 18 June 2010).

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Photo Credits

Fourth of July fireworks at Pismo Beach, California by puliarf @ flickr

Watermelon quarter close up by ccharmon @ flickr

Pink watermelon by Esther Gibbons @ flickr

Watermelon keys by Torley @ flickr

"Flutter-bye" on watermelon enjoying the sugar by puliarf @ flickr

Watermelon slices by moreno0101 @ flickr

Watermelon on ice by quinn.anya @ flickr

Watermelon seeds by Muffet @ flickr

Watermelon on the sky by mfrascella @ flickr

Eating watermelon with gusto by Jonf729 @ flickr

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