21 June 2010

Funny Video: Colberts The Word, Stay the Course

*** Colbert mocks the government and greedy Big Business for trying to engage America to stay at war just to get the mineral deposits.

From Denny: The Afghan War has gone on for America for nine years now. Americans are fed up with it and want out. So, what does a government do to get the country engaged? Dangle carrots in front of Big Business, greedy to exploit the natural resources of another country, of course.

Afghanistan has been found to have at least $1 trillion in mineral deposits, the most notable is lithium which is used for cell phones and technology. I guess we could trade the opium addiction for technology addiction.

Remember when Bush and Cheney told everyone not to worry about invading Iraq? They told us Iraq's oil fields would pay for the war. Yeah, right. It was so obvious that oil men in the White House wanted those oil fields. So, now do we have technology nerds in this new White House who want the natural resources of Afghanistan? Do we really think it's worth it to "stay the course" for another nine years just to get the money?

Colbert mocks the hell out of this scenario. He calls Afghanistan "a slot machine that America has been warming up for nine years, and it's about to pay off."

The Word - $tay the Cour$e:

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The Word - $tay the Cour$e
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