05 June 2010

Cartoons: Obama vs. BPs Oil Spill - 5 June 2010

*** BP oil spill cartoons reflecting America's anger about Big Business ruining our environment and our economy.

From Denny: And this week's Bozo Sapien Award still goes to BP for Liars Poker sweepstakes. These guys just don't know when to quit with the weasel lying. Their latest endeavor is to tell the clean up crews their pay is delayed for lack of funds - while BP shells out $50 million for a slick ad campaign to woo America to their side. The new ad campaign is about as welcome on the Gulf Coast and in Louisiana as the tar ball goo we find on our shores. Yet more insensitivity and stupidity brought to you by BP, aka "Bumbling Pricks" is more like it. The Louisiana anger has now spread down the coast to Florida as they watch their once pristine beaches defiled and their economies dying.

BP really is disingenuous. They continue to find ways to exercise the philosophy of "The Minimum Acceptable." These guys have a wealth of resources and yet do not move them to this area to help. They are talking about taking the few skimmer boats of dire need in Louisiana and flipping them over to Florida. This is one CHEAP oil company, supposedly the fourth largest corporation in the world. At the rate they are going they will find out they are no longer "too big to fail." Americans are furious at the shabby treatment from BP.

President Obama has his hands full and had better keep the pressure on with BP to pay up on a monthly basis. There are not enough clean up crews on the coastlines, not enough skimmer boats either. The latest lies are how much oil they are supposedly sucking up. Let me ask the obvious: Just who is on site verifying the claims of BP? Has anyone noticed how they are first to throw out unsubstantiated facts to the press and the press just repeats it like a pack of parrots - without question?

BP has lied to us and the President every step of the way. The point is that for every gallon spilled BP has to pay a fine. Discredit those who say there are more gallons than BP claims and BP pays less. Claim there are fewer gallons - and control the information flow as well - and BP holds on to their stingy wallets. BP and their lawyers and publicists think this is a funny game to be played. Their facial expressions when interviewed reveal masked smiles, especially from CEO Tony Hayward.

Another insult to America's intelligence: BP's PR crowd has already paid for the top of the search engine results any time you Google BP. Anyone noticed that sleazy trick?

And then there is BP's misinformation campaign - the list just goes on and on with these guys.

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