05 February 2011

Cartoons: Some Hummers to Scratch Your Head Why

From Denny:  OK, these are those wonderfully obscure type of cartoons that some people don't always "get" as to why they are funny but they sure made me grin. Yes, back in the ol' school days, I used to be the toast of the English teachers because I remembered all the obscure peanut gallery comments from those no-name characters in Shakespeare's plays. Never mind, I could care less about the main event but fortunately they rarely queried me on that account. Read that as they believed me to be brilliant, when clearly said probable brilliance was often misplaced - or happily redirected - to more interesting venues.

Yes, my poor teachers often wanted to pull their hair out and sell it to me for a Christmas gift. But, they always said they placed my essays or term papers at the top of the pile to read since I proved to be the most entertaining. Of course, they went about red-lining the hell out of said "works of art" when I refused to follow proper, OK, dull, form. Never mind it was a teaching moment for us both, right? :) Which is probably why I so appreciate the cracked minds of these cartoonists...


Chan Lowe

Check out all the detail in this one:

Chris Britt

In the news lately is how an astronomer put the damper on the fun of knowing your astrology sign.  Turns out those said signs moved since the 2,000 years ago they first wrote about them.  Bummer.  Identity crisis:

Don Wright

Speed Bump

Speed Bump

Either she has great attention for detail or she thinks she is a cougar...

Moderately Confused

Oh, twisted...

Speed Bump

The loonie tunes hummed by the GOP:

Dan Wasserman

Republican President Reagan and his Democrat Speaker of the House O'Neill - the guys used to grab drinks together after a day of legislation.  They were actually good friends.  This is something you just don't see any more since lobbyists started owning our politicians:

Steve Breen

A lot of American cities have blasted through their entire year's budget in a week's time just for snow removal:

Signe Wilkinson

Love this guy; he's so ruthless...

Steve Breen

And a comment about how the hyper media hypes too much every week of the year:

Rob Rogers

Yep, totally true.  The Big Banks get bigger as they drive little banks out of business, ensuring their banking monopoly.

Dan Wasserman

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