08 June 2010

Funny Video: Lampooning Racists Gone Wild Horrified Teaching Chinese Language

*** Racists think teaching the Chinese language to middle schoolers will turn them into communists. Check out the funny response from Jon Stewart.

From Denny: Talk about funny. There are actually people fussing in California about teaching the Chinese language in their middle schools. They sound like the McCarthy era trying to root out the Communists in America. They actually believe we are brainwashing our children by teaching them to speak another language besides English. Talk about self-absorbed. We do share the world with billions of other people who learn our language so why not learn some of theirs?

Stewart could not resist the mock news interviews about the situation. Take a look and laugh:

From Jon Stewart: Aasif Mandvi exposes the communist threat as Hacienda Heights introduces a Chinese language program to middle school kids - Socialism Studies

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