19 June 2010

Dark Humor: BP Oil Spill Cartoons - 19 June 2010

*** Check out the latest fallout from America's cartoonists about the BP oil spill.

From Denny: BP's oil spill and the enduring insensitivity and arrogance of CEO Tony Hayward is the constant conversation here in Louisiana. How any cleanup of this scale could continually be so mismanaged is beyond comprehension. And everyone in the world is thinking the same thought.

The cartoonists are busy lampooning just about everyone involved with the oil spill - from the president to Hayward to the lawyers to giving the animals the rights to deal with the fools who caused this mess in the first place. Just when you think every cartoon that could have been drawn, every opinion expressed about this disaster has been said they come up with new ones! Take a look and enjoy their creativity. Their comments certainly add to the national conversation.

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*** BP Flag Photo by FellowCreative @ flickr

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