01 August 2009

Trial Charges Against Iranian Moderates Are Flimsy

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From Denny: I'm starting to move the majority of my political writing - and many links to news stories around the world - to my new blog, Dennys Global Politics. Also developing a links companion to it called Dennys Global Politics Fav Links.

I'm starting to clutter up The Social Poets too much again and so developed a political blog to handle the overload. It seems there is so much going on globally that I thought a week's summary of important stories was warranted. Too often we get our news in such small daily bites that we forget the background or details of what happened days before the recent news and lose the continuity.

Dennys Global Politics blog is not straight news but news offered with the slant of a common sense opinion. Too many political agendas out there in news land and they have forgotten the main stream middle class approach and needs. I guess you could say I choose to write for the majority of people and not the news networks owned by big business who keep twisting the truth or stirring up controversy just to sell their brand of news.

If you find some news stories of interest to you and links to news sites you like and want me to include - feel free to leave them at The Social Poets or over on Dennys Global Politics comment section, even email me if you like.

For this short story just click on this title link or go here.

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