11 August 2010

How Male Journalists Fight: Whiz All Over Each Other

*** American male journalists in the Democratic Party and the White House fuss and fight each other while the public is frustrated about the economy.

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs who should be reporting the news - not becoming the news

From Denny: It's roll your eyes time. "The children" are fighting it out in public. What is it when men get a little bit of power they start the whizzing contests of who can whiz farther than their competitor? If it isn't White House "behavior problems" it's progressive writers "behavior problems" lobbing word grenades at each other like it's a silly comedy movie for thirteen year olds. You all should be embarrassed - or taken to the woodshed.

Your squabbling while the country is in dire economic straits looks like a bunch of frat boys careening around town on their father's wallet - only this time it's on the taxpayers' wallet. And the public's perception is there is far too much entitlement going on here in government and the media.

This "Mama Grizzly" is not too pleased. Don't make me come up to the Big House and box your ears and bounce you off a few walls, chic slapping you so hard you end up into next week. Apologize to each other like grown-ups. Kiss and make up - and make damn sure it looks convincing so the Democratic Party doesn't come off looking like a bunch of Bozo Sapiens. And, while you are at it, tell your obnoxious egos to shut up and sit down. There is governing to do in this great country.

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Press Briefing by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, 8/11/2010

Get well, Robert Gibbs! - Obama's press secretary should stay home, nurse his cold and stop smearing the progressive base

Gibbs returns to press podium after battle with 'professional left'

Gibbs Won't Take Back Criticism of 'Professional Left'

Gibbs' "Professional Left" Remark Reveals White House Frustration

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