20 August 2010

Scumbag WikiLeaks Founder Assange Charged With Rape in Sweden

*** Sweden charges WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, with rape and molestation.

From Denny: This guy acts like he's some great crusader for the truth and the world's morality and it turns out this week he is charged in Sweden for rape and molestation. The rape charge carries a prison sentence but the molestation charge does not. Molestation can be charged for an adult as well as a child in Sweden.

Julian Assange has the moral compass of a turnip - buried in the ground away from the light of day. He has to be a sociopath to have no conscience. Looks like someone finally got busy and charged the creep. Or maybe the U.S. government decided to make like the tabloid The National Enquirer and document his doings and then sent them along to Interpol and the Swede's prosecutors.

He was charged in absentia last night. They are two different incidents. The Swedish government is not yet releasing the names of the victims or the dates of the incidents, pending further investigation and documentation. Currently, Assange is eluding the police.

Turns out that Assange lives part time in Sweden. It is also in Sweden that he hosts many of his WikiLeaks servers because of the country's privacy laws. He also told a Swedish newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet, Monday in an interview, "He had been in Sweden because he wanted a safe place to go after the high-profile leak of U.S. documents related to the war in Afghanistan." Gee, "Do ya think???"

Apparently, Assange is well acquainted with Stupid because through his WikiLeaks site he released thousands of sensitive information documents that led to the deaths of hundreds of Afghans who cooperated with America in the Afghan War, as well as endangering the lives of allied forces. This guy has no conscience. So why is it any stretch of the imagination to accept he is guilty of yet more "depraved indifference"? Rape and molestation. May the heavy hand of justice fall upon him.

*** Update: Sweden drops rape accusation against WikiLeaks founder

Hmmm... Sweden suddenly dropped the rape charge as quickly as they charged him. Interesting that the molestation charge is not dropped.

Question: Did WikiLeaks put pressure on the victims to recant their stories and only one accepted the monetary bribe or bowed to threats from Assange? Or is it that Assange is the subject of an American smear campaign? This guy is no Boy Scout, folks, he's as guilty as ever. Somehow, he had enough stroke to force the Swedes to back off.

Another scummy government and Big Business deal in bed together denying justice: Just like BP had stroke to get the British government to release a prisoner back to Libya because he was supposedly dying. Now the truth has come out about those lies. All that was about was an oil deal for BP to drill off Libya in exchange for the prisioner. The government tried to justify the swap by claiming the prisioner was dying when he wasn't.

We all know from the BP publicity smear machine just how Big Business propaganda operates and the WikiLeaks guys are no different. They are constantly lying, trying to influence perception away from the truth. Assange has been caught in many lies about this Afghan War story so why should we believe him on this rape story?

More government weak-willed weasels here with this Assange story, this time in Sweden - and women lose out for justice again. Though I get the distinct impression this is not the last we will hear of this story because it will make it's rounds again in another form when other women step forward.

*** To the spamming anonymous cowardly wonder from Digg: I see WikiLeaks is busy trashing anyone who writes about their company, sending out their minions to threaten and cuss out anyone who dares to go against them. So, coward who chooses to remain nameless - yeah, you are so brave to spam a blog anonymously, you just proved my point. WikiLeaks, the founder and his supporters, are a bunch of scumbags without conscience who think they can go around threatening people. Good luck with the FBI; you are going to need it.

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