02 August 2010

Funny Video: Jon Stewart Mocks Media For Sorry WikiLeaks Reaction

*** Check out Jon Stewart as he rips to shreds, in fine mocking style, the not so stealthy WikiLeaks leaker.

From Denny: The bland lack of reaction from most of the media about this WikiLeaks documents dump about the Afghan War is stunning in their nonchalant mediocrity. Of course, most of the bored commentators are Republicans who know most of these documents harken back to the Bush years and are trying to downplay the documents, fearful of what those docs may eventually reveal for which they know their political party is responsible.

As usual, too many in America's media are clueless as to the true crass meaning of how those docs are causing hundreds, maybe thousands, of people to be killed because they cooperated with American and allied soldiers. Don't even get me started on America's enemies pouring over the docs to read our military and intelligence communities. WikiLeaks handed them a gift. The idiot Australian who owns WikiLeaks put his own countrymen at risk, as they are our allies. If the Pentagon has an ounce of smarts they will change all their systems and processes immediately because of this fiasco.

Meanwhile, Jon Stewart is one of the few in the media who does understand the enormity of the situation and decided to weigh in on the scandal. "As any sane person would think that a security breach of this magnitude must have been carried about by highly efficient, almost ninja-like informants who used stealth tactics to obtain the information and leak it to WikiLeaks."

Stewart reveals there was no ninja-like guy behind the doc leaks. Bradley Manning went by the really secretive online screen name of "BradAss87." He claimed to be an Army intelligence analyst operating in Baghdad. Excuse me, but just how difficult would it be to locate a guy named Brad who was born in 1987 and was an Army intel guy in Baghdad? Not difficult at all it turns out.

Of course, WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, claims he had no idea who BradAss87 truly was because his site supposedly hides the identity of their sources so well even WikiLeaks doesn't know who it is. Uh, yeah, and you expect us to believe that one? Assange claims his site is so stealthy because he is running one step ahead of the world's intelligence agencies. Oh, please. Would someone please research this creep and find out if he was an intelligence community reject who couldn't pass the psyche exam?

You want to know how BradAss87 accomplished his doc dump so easily? He claims he would bring in music to listen to while he analyzed intelligence data. Let me stop you right there. That's the first thing wrong with this guy - what an idiot. No wonder so much intelligence is poorly analyzed - because they don't have their full focus upon it. Guys like this are too busy lip syncing to their favorite music instead of employing reading comprehension to the task at hand.

Then this total Bozo Sapien Brad Ass says he erased his Lady Gaga CDs and proceeded to download the docs on them, then walked out the door. OK, here's the obvious question, "Where the hell were the security checks and balances here?" Never allow anyone to walk in or out with any kind of technology that could be employed in compromising security. What was the Army thinking? Or is that just it? They weren't thinking. The whole line of command should be thrown in the brig for that idiot fiasco. And I want to hear the real explanations for why they were asleep on the job - not the pablum fed to the American media who gobble it up without question.

At least Jon Stewart had the sense of humor to ask, "How does a soldier sit around lip syncing to Lady Gaga all day, and not run afoul of 'don't ask don't tell'? That has GOT to be a substitute for telling, no?"

Of course, most of what the WikiLeaks docs revealed were nothing new to those who already know long drawn out wars are just plain stupid as well as unproductive. Let's not even get started on the recent GAO report about how 95 percent of the money appropriated for the war cannot be accounted for at all.

The other supposedly new revelation is that Pakistan has its bribed traitors in their intelligence community who sell out their own country by sending American foreign aid money to the Taliban in Afghanistan to kill Americans. Why is this such a surprise? Where there is big money there is big corruption.

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